Saturday, August 6, 2016

Whar’s My Black Pearl?

~or “Remember CCP, Black Goes with Everything…”

I want a Black Ship. I want ALL my ships to be Black. I wan Glossy Black and dull non-reflective, light and radar and ladar and shmadar absorbing BLACK SHIPS!

Why do we not have ANY All Black SKINS??? As you can see above I finally caved and bought a PermaSKIN… the Sanctuary SKIN for the Astero. Cost me 386m ISK it did. Worth it? Not really… but as CCP has for whatever reason decided Black is not a “color” so the Sanctuary Navy Blue SKIN is a close as I am getting today so what the hell…

I do like it… I mean it’s the first SKIN I felt was anywhere near worth spending the ISK on. And being a wormholer and living by the cloak and scan, I have lived in one of my ‘stero’s except for combat and sites Ops since they were introduced.

Ya gotta admit… the details are very cool. But just imagine if she was as black as space…

Oh and one last thing. How incredibly cool would it be if they did offer a set of Black SKINS… One set shiney and purty… one set dull, no reflective and all ‘hidey’… and one set, the really expensive one, that is dull black, can turn off your exterior lights AND is radar/ladar/et.,/etc. absorbent?

IE a SKIN that makes you invisible to DScan. The trade off being you can’t use the Cov Ops cloak…  Hmmmmmmm… interesting possibilities huh?

Fly reckless and see you in the Sky =/|)=


  1. Gameplay advantages for purchased items - not cool ! No gold ammo, please.

    I would love a black hull, but there is nowhere in this game, where you can find "black as space" All the damn backgrounds are flush with colours.

    I just wish that the Tempest/Fleet Tempest/Vargur hull had some dynamic colours


    1. Hmmm... hadn't thought of that aspect, and yer right. So nope, no "special" SKINS...

      And yes my friend, I have seen skies as black and cold as the inside of Mittens heart... Not ALL of the sky is covered with nebulae and such, some skies simply more so than others.

  2. This post made me remember just how truly awesome this game looks! It's like playing an interactive movie, at times. I just applied the blue-and-black Upwell skin to my pod and flew around in space for a bit. And that made me again take the time to just look at what wonders the art department has done for K-space with all those glorious nebulae.

    And then, as I started flying ships around high-sec, I noticed new engine effects I hadn't paid attention to before.... Oh, if only there was a way to transport myself back to those newbie days of pure discovery again :) For all it's faults, this is still one of the better games out there :)

    1. "For all it's faults, this is still one of the better games out there :)"

      Quoted for truth... =]

  3. Still alive over there Tur? Hope life is treating you well.

    1. Yea... I'm still here. Just a lotta RL>EVE for the last few months is all.
      I promise, if I ever do drop out for reals, or (gods forbid) ever take down ACBL... I'll post something appropriate first.


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