Monday, December 19, 2016

Still here, and yet… not

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been away for a while. Last post was in August actually, 4 months ago. I have not been logging on except like once or twice and obviously haven’t blogged at all.

Back in January of this year I posted about some RL issues, namely my pending divorce from my wife of 15 years… I moved out and then in April we reconciled and decided to give it one last try…

Well, last try was what it was. As of this October we are again separated and I am again looking for a place and going through the paperwork to divorce.

We are still basically copacetic, we are not lawyering up, we have basic agreements in place re the kids, house, property and finances. No one who knows us can ever say we did not really try to make it work, but it just doesn’t anymore and this is the least worst of a host of bad outcomes. So it goes.

As for EVE… my time has been simply eaten with the needs of RL. And this is as it should be. EVE is, first and last just a game. Granted it is the most amazing and engaging game (hobby, pastime, electronic virtual addiction) ever invented by the mind of man… but in the end it is a game and real life, my kids, career, health and wellbeing are always greater than any game… no matter how good it is.

As for Tur… he’s in Amarr and I am still paying to keep the skill Q full, as I do not “intend” on bagging it all in quite yet. I do want to come back and fly the deadly skies with friends and frenimies both old and new one day… but only time will tell, I know not what my future will bring.

Wish me luck... and raise a glass with me to all those who have made a home, for however long, in the skies of New Eden.

Fly reckless and see you in the Sky =/|)=


  1. Sorry to hear the news, No idea how you feel, but the two I have been through ripped my guts out, mentally and physically.
    Glass raised and luck wished.

    1. This is my second. The first, after 20 years together was copacetic, more sad over the changes the years had brought. This one has had some drama, but for me is much harder due to my kids. Both are teens now and our break up has been coming a long time, so not a shock as such, yet no child is untouched by their parents splitting up... I wasn't when mine did and I was in my 30's.

      Thank you for the kind words.

  2. Sorry to hear that things haven't worked out on that path of life. Take your time as you have been and we will be here to welcome you back when you return.


    1. Thanx Sly... those I am close to ingame of course know more about all this, and I do have some support systems, close friends, thank the gods.

      I will and am and I do hope once things settle into a new rhythm to make the time to log on and fly once again. Than man... =]

  3. Really sorry to hear that, brother :(

    You know, I haven't done anything in EvE in months, either, except for getting most of the holiday stuff. On the other hand, I did break down and buy Elite during the sale. Gotta say I like it. Right now, I like it a lot more than EvE :)

    Hang in there, man. It'll all work out somehow.

    1. Hy bro... I too flew in ED for a while, as a matter of fact at least 3 or 4 of us from HELPeR did... but the social aspects of ED are the one area it lacks compared to EVE.

      But MAN the rest of it is FUKKIN AMAZING... especially now with the alien sightings!!! and I LOVE that the ED Devs reactions are like, "What? What did you say happened?? Really?" LOL

      I have always said CCP tells us wayyy too much and leaves damn near noting to be 'discovered' by us... except how to game the changes... They could learn a thing or 2 from ED... That and WIS dammit!!!

      I'd make the time to come back for Walking in Stations.

  4. Been there man - thrice. Know how it feels. Wish I could by you a beer. Hang in there. It gets better on the other side. You'll just have to trust me on that one.


  5. Thanx Mab... it is what it is huh? Day at a time and focus on the kids and making a new life. I'll be OK. Just getting through is the suck part ya know? =\

    Good to hear from you my friend. Really good.

    PS we're still in the hole BTW... and just us, just HELPeR... so no BS and good guys to fly with. If ever, ya know... =]

  6. Sorry to hear about the RL stuff, Tur. I went through one a few years ago with somewhat similar circumstances from what I can tell. You'll pull through. You are one of the smartest and level-headed of everyone I know.


    1. Oslo!!!! My good friend... So good to hear from you brother. I am sorry to hear you too went through this... suck it does.

      Thanx for the ccmpliment my friend... I am flattered and honored.

      Hope you are well, I do miss flying with you...


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