Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Get Your Hole Face On...

~or "But if There's a Dance, I Have Nothing to Wear!"

Hold cloak, spam D-Scan...
I spent the weekend sailing as per usual. Sat & Sun are full of traveling, sailing, more traveling, unpacking, laundry, etc. and the usual being just simply and very happily beat unto death after it's all over. It still amazes me that for a day or two after a race I can't make a fist. My hands get so swole from hauling on sheets and lines and such that I really cannot quite close my hands into a fist.

Understand my forearms and wrists and upper body are also especially abused, but my whole body is sore. Try standing on a mechanical bull, over lava, while doing a full Battle Ropes exercise routine... for five HOURS... it's a little like that... and I'm 58... sheesh. So yeah, weekends are for sailing and (some) weeknights are for EVE.

So Monday night after I stopped groaning every time I move or use a mouse I logged on and settled down to get moved in. I'm in "Envy" our home hole, a C2/Hi/C4, stationed in our Keepstar "Visteen". When I first flew in I was in my hole fit Stratios. That day I had time to go out to Amarr and fit up a basic Guardian for armor logi and fly that in but that was it, all I had with me and, as I am in the "recruit" stage (and have no idea how long that will last) I don't have corp hangar access yet.

Home inaccessible home...
So I podded out (traveled, not died) to Amarr. I stayed off voice comms to indicate I was not available for ops etc. and settled in to setup a few ships for this new page in my EVE career. I went to open... shit, I went to download and install PYFA, done. So I open PYFA... shit, how do I import Tur's skills? What the API is no moar? Well, I do remember some talk talk about that back afore I left... So hmmm, OK, so "click Eve SSO tab" and "Add Character", this jumps me to the EVE login screen, log in, select toon and "Authorize"... huh, schweet. So I'm up and I start browsing through my saved fits.

As I suck at PVP... I have focused Tur's skills to be an L5 Logibro with a minor in L5 Scanning. I spent a few quietly very fun hours playing with PYFA and finally settled on (#1) my standard scout Astero (x2) to add to my Strat' for scoutwing, then fitted out (#2) an Osprey to join the Guardian for my logiwing. I then grabbed (#3) a Ninja Gas Prospect, a (#4) basic PVP Hurricane and a few frigates I had lyin' about, (#5) a cloaky Crusader interceptor and (#6) a mini-logi shield Scalpel.

OK, so I ask in Corp chat if it is OK to bring in an Orca and I get a variety of answers like, "Sure other's have Orca's and Rorquals in here.", to "Well, you can but why? They beat the snot outta the hole.", to "You should use Inties man...". Obviously I know Orca's are hard on low class holes, we used them in SYJ in the rage rolling fleet to roll C6's which is interesting in the extreme when using both Indy and PVP capitols to mass close a hole.

I know that "I" know all about hole mechanics... but to these guys I'm a noob. Oh they know or have at least heard on a rational level that I am a veteran player, and even that I'm an Anoikis vet also, but saying the stove is hot is not the same as touching the stove. I have to earn their trust and respect, and I get it, I don't like it, but I do get it. Plus I do have to learn the 'Via NOMEX', the Way NOMEX does wormholes as compared to, you know, the right way... the way I do wormholes.

Warp you fat bitch!!!  WAAAARP!!
Now why do I want to use my Orca? Why am I not going to use an Inty or some such that won't "beat the snot outta the hole"? Because fitting ships in a NPC Station, especially a trade hub like Amarr is far easier than anywhere else, especially inna POS (Player Owned Station, and yes, I shall continue to use that term as it is still technically correct), and most especially inna POS in Anoikis where I do not have any access to anything except my ships and my personal hangar. And, once fitted, I don't like to waste time unfitting and refitting ships (yes even with one-click fitting, because the mods do not always go exactly where I want, and yes it matters... to me), and let's just not get me started on rigs ok? I simply prefer to move my ships fully fitted and rigged and that's just that.

OK, so I load up my Orcabago's Fleet Hangar and Ship Maintenance Bay with the above list of ships, after unloading their cargo holds of course, can't risk the dreaded, "Notify: You cannot place a Planck generator container within another Planck generator, as it will cause a graviton harmonics chain reaction whose end cannot be determined." error... don't wanna blow up the whole 'verse 'cause we left a Mobile Depot and Tractor Unit in there, now do we?

Then I pull and stack the Giant (and other) Secure Cans I used to max out her cargo cap when mining... (don't ask, please... seriously, just don't), and I throw a buncha basic-always-needed-modules into a Med Can and fill 3 Med Cans with droans of all types and throw them in. Then I fill in the nooks and cranny's of the FH & SMB with shuttles and a few Leopards.

OK, ready. I exit and have a nice quiet trip making the 3 hops to the Hi entrance and thence to Visteen. Landed. Unloaded. Undock... out to Hi and 3 nice quiet hops and a landing later and I'm shutting down =]Grampus[= (<-- Orcabago) back safe in Amarr.

The last thing I do for the evening is PYFA up a fit I like for one a them newfangled (#7) Broadswords as a Hole Closin' Heavy 'dictor (I just LOVE blowin' bubbles!!). And DAMN... so much LOVE for the new 'Sword!! I have always had a place in my heart for the 'Sword, it'sa fukkin ugly boat that one is but I like her even more now... still fukkin ugly, but a far better version of fugly.

I fly the 'Sword in and dock up in Visteen. So now I got me some ships, I made sure to kiss each one goodbye as I jumped the hole...

So... where's the dance and what should I wear?

My new homehole...

Fly safe my friends... I aim to misbehave and I hope to see you in MY Sky!

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