Friday, April 26, 2019

So... This Thing Happened See?

~or "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Retirement Party."

Have you ever woke up and in the bright, painful morning light, you look in the mirror and ask yourself... "What the actual fuck happened last night... and just where in the fuck am I?"

So I wrote this little post, the one right before this one about how my Real Life had take several turns, some bad yes, but on the whole most were pretty good and the bad stuff, well it could be dealt with because the good stuff was so frakkin good you see?

And in a flash of inspiration I tied my new life sailing the seas on yachts with the whole flying in space on spaceships thing and I saw a way to basically say "So long and thanx for all the fish!" and not have it be one more sad sack sorry assed "EVE is dying and took me with it" thing... see?

I had stopped actually playing the game almost two years ago, but I couldn't let myself accept that fully... I hadn't got to the point of really owning that I had given up EVE. It meant so damn much to me... the way I came to the game, the experiences we had, discovering Anoikis and making a HOME, a very real home in EVE with people I cared deeply about... it was hard, hard, hard to finally accept what I had known for almost two years... That I was a former EVE player.

So I wrote my little post and I made my little graphics and I uploaded it and I liked it. It felt right, I felt good. Cool.

So then, I get a comment... Schweet! it's evehermit! My old friend! I had actually been catching up on his blog when the inspiration for my Goodbye post hit me. I responded... nice!

So I get another comment... it's Yadot! another blogger brother! Cool! I reply... all good stuff.

So I get another comment... it's Cheradenine Harper! Space Noob!! yet another blogger brother! And HIS last post, OMG... it was soooooooo good!

So... what do I do? Do I reply to Noob? Do I sit back and bask in the after glow of my EVE career? ummmmm nope,

I logged back into EVE.  =]

(What follows is actually my reply to Noob after I logged back into EVE yet once again...)(it's simply too good not to use here.)

I really enjoyed writing up that post, not for the 'official' "I have failscaded EVE, who wants my stuff?" part but the writing and reminiscin' about EVE and the enemies and frienemies I have met, fought and laughed with there, and then hearing from Hermie, Yad and now you! and lastly... your last post really got to me so... yup, I logged on.

I wait while the launcher updates... then had to T-shoot a few silly issues (no mouse cursor in the game client?) then, finally the screen cleared and... I had to T-shoot a few more issues (Video, audio, colors, etc.)... THEN I was able to focus on =]Grampus[=, my Orcabago Mobile Home and Floaty Fortress of Ineptitude as it gleamed in the docking station lights...

Where the hell am I?
Wait, what the frack station am I in?
What the...? How the hell did I get there?
Where is errybody?
oh, 10PM US EST and only 18k online... sad, so very sad...
OK, so where is all my stuff?
Wait, the Inventory now shows my stuff in Anokis?
Wait, I have stuff still in Anoikis??
Wait, What the hell corp am I in?
Wait, I don't recognize that corp name at all...
OK screw it, where is Amarr? OH HELL how do you use the overview?


In other words... I had a pretty good time! We'll see how long it lasts... but I'm not in a rush and my weekday evenings are mostly free... so, let's see what we shall see hmmm?

(End of copy)

So... what happened then you ask, as well you should...

While flying my Ocabago back 26 hops to Amarr I EVEmailed some old corpies and friends, among them Epigene (aka Splatus yet another blogger brother...) and Epi immediately replied. That was all it took... we ended up in EVE chat and the next thing you know, I've joined Anomalous Existence (NOMEX) in their home hole, a C2/Hi.

I fitted up a Stratios, a Faction SOE CoveOps, armor, droneboat, cruiser... Jack of All Trades, Master of None but... it's wormholes where we live by the cloak and with a cruiser I can carry, besides ammo, spare drones, etc., a Mobile Depot and a Probe Launcher and probes so I can refit for scanning on the fly.

Anyhoo... as I had to to do a "Fresh Start" reload of the Win10 OS on my hoopty 7 year old laptop...  I have to download and install TS3 and other such needful apps. Then I start working through the corpmail, with links for Pathfinder, Slack, etc., etc. Then I had to dig up my old mungy headset, get it figured out, get server info for TS3, get on comms, get comms unfucked and say Hi to all as are on.

An Op started while I was busy doin all that so finally I get solid info on the... ummm... I mean "our" stat hisec system and off I go... 15 hops later I warp to the corp BM and I land on the hole...

And then I just sat there for a few minutes... contemplating nature, the verse and the vagaries of life... both real and virtual.

"Jump, jump!" I hear my old FC's say in my head...
"Bluefire!" we call out as we


Yeah, that's right...   we live inna Keepstar

Fly dangerous my friends, and watch out for ol Tur in your Sky!!



  1. The only time you will be truly free of Eve is when you sell all your assets, give some unsuspecting noob the proceeds and Biomass ALL your characters.
    Like all addictions, you really have to want, more than anything, to give it up :)
    Fly Safe,

    1. I agree... several of my friends have made that permanent break... I had not. And now I know why... You see suicide, or toonicide if one will, cannot be 'taken back', you can't decide later that "oops" you made a mistake, it's permanent and irrevocable... and I was not ready for that...

      I may never be.

  2. Hehehe Tuuuuurrrrr!!!!

    Sucked back in... hope you're back for good!!!

    Fantastic write up on the sailing dude - I am quite jealous!

    1. AoS!! (I wish I knew your toon name, calling you "Absence of Substance" as a name sucks bro... =]

      Bu yeah, I'm back... wading in a C2 kiddie pool seeing if the "amazing and the fun" is worth the effort and time again.

      And yeah... sailing always was my passion and now I share it with not only my lady but my dottir also started sailing with me last year and has crewed twice this season. Just yesterday we sailed the Spring Series Race #3, 23nm course, avg speed 4.1nmh, top speed, 8.1nmh!! Luna Blu was FLYIN!!!

    2. What on earth do you mean... Absence of Substance is the name of my toon... well one of them in any even.

      In a way my "main" at the moment* as I have gone alpha** ... and Absence is the only one with few enough SP to keep on training ;-)

      Those are some nice numbers for that yacht!!! Where did you guys place? And where are you placed for the season?

      *The toon I regard as my main and identify with most is this one:

      **alpha because my corp has imploded and I am also wondering whether I would play on or take a break or ...

    3. AoS, know all about the imploding thing... I'm tryin to get back into it. It's early days yet but NOMEX has more people than I'm used to flying with (not including SYJ) so, especially as I'm new, I am a smaller (less noticed/important) cog in this machine and I'm trying to figure out how to fit in. It's frustrating but I am hopeful... we'll see. NOMEX is recruiting if yer interested in holecraft... =]

  3. Dear Bob, what have I done now...? I feel responsible, and surely you are now locked in for another 16 days to grab all the freebies for EVE XVI.... And I need to write up another post again this weekend to keep pace. That last post I made was unstructured and crazy. A blog post effectively of me shouting OMG while slapping my head repeatedly as my eyes bugged out over the joy in depth of EVE. It's good to see you back in the black!

    1. OMG Noob... you are not responsible... well, unless it all goes to shit, then fuck yes you are!! And yeah... gotta do the 16 days at least. The fun is stuff like landing on the hole to "help" with hole rolling only to find out the "Dubblebubble Hictor Closer" of the past is now a waste of time... sheesh.

      I will admit I am having the same reaction... sans head slapping. And yes... it is good to be flying again. It really is. =]


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