Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We… WIN?

We… a small, 3 man pirate corp war dec’ed another small, 3 man who-knows-what-they-do corp, and we are nom nom’in dey asses BADLY… (and I mean badly, they all have exactly zero, NONEWHATSOEVER kills)… We currently have keeled them to the tune of 13 kills & 3 podkills. Now I cannot claim any of these as I have been in 3 engagements with 0 losses and 0 kills… But, and I say this with the utmost assurance as they cannot even kill me… overall they suk.

Now things have been fun and have gone well for us in this regard. I have been getting into some PvP like I wanted (though not as much as I was hopin for) and while I am not getting kill mails, I am also not the subject of other’s kill mails, so far so good. The other guys in our little corp are simply having a ball… Yea, we have to do the waiting and the gate games and the station games and shit… but when they have gotten a shot at the WTs, they (read “we” for purposes of ego) have been either been victorious or the WTs broke off and ran.

We also have the usual WT’s trying smack in local, loggin on in Alts and SPAI’in on us and or smackin in local etc., etc. …  Now we ascribe to the Sun Tzu Book of Piratey Ways… Book the First, Pg 111, Ch 3: “See No Evil, Hear no Evil, Smack no Evil”… The Eminys ONLY contact with us is via our “Diplomatic Pressure Systems” or DPS for short (IE we shoot them until they see things our way).

The ONLY exception to this rule is “The Right Of Ransom”. When we are in the ‘right’ (IE our “Diplomatic Pressure Systems” have given us the Right) we very kindly and with the utmost regard for the poor buggers we are a buggerin, allow them the possibility of a Formal Cessation of Hostilities for a VERY reasonable (ran)sum of I$K. This gracious, heartfelt offer is made but once, without debate or extended conversation. Pay up or the dying will continue.

So I wake one fine day, none of my corpmates are on, and I am putterin about my quarters taking care of some of the endless paperwork that goes hand in hand with piracy… (yea, we got bureaucrats too) and I realize I am being convo’ed by one of the WTs… now normally we simply set the Comms to autoignore, but as I was reachin to disconn, I read his statement to me about how he found it funny how badly our ransom plan went… I closed the connection with a mild curiosity about what he meant. Then I saw there was new mail waiting in my inbox… a letter from CONCORD…  Hmmm…

It seems our little 3 man pirate corp has been War Dec’ed by…
An Alliance.
A 40 corp, 4500 man Alliance.
A BIG Alliance…
An EFFIN BIG DAMN Alliance…  well fuk me runnin.

I am not quite sure how to take this. You see Oz and Fer, they’re happy as pigs in shite. They see this as a MAJOR “thing”. A BIG DEAL. And I grant you, if Piracy and Griefin is your be all and end all in EVE, yea, OK, I can sorta get that this could be seen as some kind of major recognition that you are “Making Someone Who Counts Cry”… But see I am only a student. I am NOT a lifelong, dedicated, died in the wool kinda pirate. I just wanted to learn how to be better at PvP.

I fear I may have fallen in with bad men,       and scoundrels.

OH, and the corp we originally dec’ed… they dec’ed us, this makes the War mutual. By that I mean we don’t have to pay one red I$Kie now. The War stays active with no end until BOTH corps agree to drop it. This is an absolutely idiotic move on their part. As long as we are Dec’ing them, we have to pay for the dec EACH week. Now it is free for us to fight them from our original corp.

Our options? We create and jump to a second corp, which is NOT dec’ed by the WT’s OR the WT’s Alliance frens, and from that corp we WarDec the WT corp and start it all over again. Now, you have to understand, for an Alliance to Dec anyone is one helluva lot more expensive (hundreds of millions of I$K per week) than for a corp to dec a corp (2 mil per week)… so this becomes epicostly for the guys we originally dec’ed to keep going.

Do the math:
(1) Made original War Mutual -they reduced our war costs to ZERO;
(2) Got an Alliance to Dec us – megacostly and we jumped corps so only inactive alt holding the dec’ed corp open, no one to make war on  = complete waste of I$K.

Add up their losses/costs:
13 ships, 3 clowns (I’m sorry, I meant clones…)
+ Alliance Dec costs (approx 250 MILLION I$K per WEEK)
Against our losses/costs
losses 0.00
+ Dec costs (now 0.00)
= this is just stoopid.

Now while the above numbers look fascinating and all, my reaction was not ‘quite’ the same as Oz & Fer’s… I want, one day… one day soon, to go back to HB, settle back into our C2, work on makin I$K, keepin the POS fueled, runnin sleepers, maybe moving up to C3’s and C4’s… and yes, defending our WSpace and Raiding Stat C2s and hopefully getting in some PvP along with all the above… But I don’t wanna piss off a 4500 man Alliance and have them take it into their heads… even a small percentage of their 4500 heads… that TurAmarth is a guy to be on the lookout for AND if anyone sees ‘im or is ‘ilk, let’s go hunt down and KEEL ‘im and is ‘ilk…  I don’t wanna bring that kinda trubble to my corp.

“The best laid plans of mice and men…” as they say. So, what to do, what to do? Well, first off I jumped corps as planned and the new corp is now actively at war with the WTs… Then came RL…

I experienced my first real, live earthquake. Yuppers, I was within 50 miles of the Mineral VA earthquake. And directly after that we had good ‘ol Herricane Irene come to town… during which we left town, and then came home to a power outage… so my OL time had been curtailed this past week to say the least.

So I login last night and find my mind has been perkin away at this during ‘All The Fun’ and I have, unbeknownst to me, decided to (temporarily) go back to the hole take a training break and make some I$K. This is a practical as well as a “Me Runnin Away From Incredible Stoopid Odds” solution as I am pert near broke anyhoo... I am… really.    I swear.

So last night I get on and AI and Spiro have the BMs and a decent lowsec to the C2… I swap ships and head out in “Kilroy” my Hound. 15 hops to home. I get there and AI brings me in… Ahhhhh… the Crazy Marble never looked so good to me. I BM the entrance and jump jump… and I’m home.  =]

I BM the exit hole, warp to the relay point and… OH CRAP!!!!!!!!!  WTF IS THE SHIELD PASSWORD!?!?!?  I land, 250 Klicks out and cringe while aligning… wait, I’m not being targeted or fired on…. Whew! OK, I set the shield PW that I ‘member setting up, cross my fingers and warp down to the POS. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. I land safely ‘tween the Ship Maint Hangar and “Haven” the Med Ship Assy Array… only to discover I cannot access ANYTHING!!  LOL  I am not in corp OR Alliance!! Heck I’m not sure if I log off I’ll not get ejected and killed when I log back on…

You see as I unnerstand it your ‘ship’ does not save the POS Shield PW… so on loggin back in, the POS Shield ejects you(r ship) and then see’s you as an eminy and keels you. At least that’s the theory and I dunt wanna test it… so I warp to a 30 KM above the surface of the moon BM AI made and fly 55 KM into the moon… and log off happy to be safe at home… in the deadliest space in EVE.

Tomorrow I’ll kill some Sleepy Guys, make some I$K and think on what to do what to do…  =]

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. Hmm I think you shoulda stayed in the decced corp. It's free targets for you, and they aren't going to take the time to organize even a 10 man gang to hunt down your cadre of three. No alliance of real merit would war-dec a 3 man corp. Seriously, they wouldn't. Odds are almost 100% that most of the members in that alliance had no idea they were in a war. Think of all the haulers on the way to Jita you could have ganked and looted >_<

    Isn't the alliance war-dec cost 50 million per week?

    Glad things are workin out for you, keep at it!

  2. Well... as I said, I am NEWB at this... the guys said basically the same things, but the fact is a 4500 man Alliance DID War Dec a little nobody 3 man pirate corp (IE us)... and that alone is weird enough to make me pause and ask why?? And Who is paying for it?? and WHY??? We did have one of their Alliance guys in Dodi last week and he seemed totally not interested. It dunt make sense... and things that don't make sense in EVE, can kill you.

    And yes, it is 50 mil… Per War... and that Alliance has 4 active wars already... it adds up quick.

    And I am not 'done'... and I am in a corp that is actively at war with the original 3 WTs... but I wanted a break to figger this all out and I really am broke. LOL... I got less than like 20mil tween myselves, and we got 8 sleeper sites in the hole... ISK ISK ISK BABY!

    After I get my wallet all fat again, and I get calmed down about havin 4500 toons after me (LOL) I'll prolly go back to Dodi and make violence on da 3 stooges boats again. =]

    Plus I got some noob in Balle who called me (ME!) a ‘child’ for flippin her wreck at an AB… said she dint want me to force my game on her… OK, Ima go and gank her ass for the tears… God… I have not fallen in with bad men… I am become one. LOL

  3. Oh... and I fergot to add... the Alliance what Dec'ed us... they're a low and null Alliance, not Hi-sec... serious fellas.


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