Saturday, November 17, 2012

Advise to an EvE Noob…

or~ TetraEtcetera’s a Few Helpful Things...

I saw this and thought it was just too good not to copy and paste... =]

01. Remember - At the end of the day, EVE is just a game.
02. Eve is more than a game.
03. Eve will take over your life.
04. Eve is a bitch.
05. You will love Eve.
06. You will hate Eve.
08. Don't expect to get a cookie - there are no cookies.
09. Don't be scared to ask stupid questions. It’s better to find out the
      answer then to be ignorant, and lose a ship.
10. Don't be scared to lose a ship.
11. Don't be scared to spend ISK on a skill book.
12. Listen to the ISDs in the help channels; they normally know 
      what they are talking about.
13. Don't be a smart ass.
14. If you get scammed, refer to rule 1 above.
15. Don't trust anyone, especially that guy over there.
16. But trust your corpmates.
17. If your corpmates turn out to be untrustworthy - Find new ones,
      and refer to rule 1.
18. Last but not least - Don't be afraid to look stupid.You are new,
      you will learn. And then one day you will kill me.

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky =/|)=

Stolen verbatim from: TetraEtc of “PanMac Airways”; "EvE Is Different"

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