Saturday, June 1, 2013

Objects in Space...

~or, Asleep at the CON…

OK, so last night we had run all the sites in Bas and I’m doing PI when the scouts rolling the hole find an offline Faction POS w/ some faction mods etc. inna hole with an active yet unmanned T1 POS… cool. We gonna bash and grab the mods… only, I am so tired I am having serious trouble keeping my eyes open just for PI… I had already decided to wrap up and hit the hay but ISK is ISK and I need ISK… so I reship to my new fav ship class, the ‘dictors, HICs & Fast… in this case a dubble bubble cloaky Sabre.

The dubble bubble cloaky Sabre is great in holes… ‘dictor bubbles have 2 minute timers so you carry like 50 or more in your hold and if you pop one every minute to 45 seconds you can dubble bubble a hole or a fight forever. Plus the cloak allows you to operate inside a hostile or raid hole and they are FAST… but made of paper.

However I love me my hero Sabres… So we are working out a comp and finally decide we are not getting a fight, just a bash so I reship to my new Oracle and warp out to the static and thence to the bash fleet… hit F1 and…

When I woke up, I was here…

Yea… I said ‘when I woke up’…  I fell asleep like I was drugged right after hitting F1. I woke several hours later… assessed my situation, asked if the static was still there, it was not, they had rolled it after the Op…  oh frak me.

So, I made safes, logged and crashed for real. This AM woke and am now sitting off Dscan from anything hoping one of our scouts from last night still has the BMs for this system as they had found the static out… and I put up a 100 mISK finders fee if anyone can get me a warpin to a safe hole leading outta here… and Obi-Wan, that is my only hope aside from self assploding my Oracle and my fully 'planted POD… sheesh.

Some days are just so full of fail you wonder how you can keep loggin on...

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


My Alliance CEO logged on, read the mail and told me to get an alt over to his POS for the Null and the Lowsec BMs out of that hole.

I did, and Tur warped out to Empire a while ago... =]

I LOVE this game!


  1. One of the best firefly eps imho :)

    1. So hard to pick a best from a bag full of best like Firefly, but yea... "Objects in Space" is my 2nd fav behind "Out of Gas"... but in truth, I love every episode... so much win in that writing.


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