Thursday, November 21, 2013

ISIS, ISIS on the Wall…

“I Just Can’t Fly That Shit at All…”

Have you opened ISIS yet? Do so now, for some, many I feel, it may be a bit of an eye opener.

I really, REALLY like the interface… I am a draftsman by education (when I was in college CAD was so new we were saving our file on floppies… 5.25” floppies).  From that standpoint I find the layout is very pleasing, what wasn’t was my rankings. Turns out I am all L5s on only a few ships… What surprised me was which ones.

Freighters…  sheesh. Turns out I am all L5 on the Fenrir, Providence, Charon and the Obelisk. The part that really sux is… I have never even sat in, much less owned, one of these. I can fly most of the ships of each race. Almost all the Matarii ships, three quarters or more of Caldari and Amarr and about half the Gallente. I am pleased some are at L4, but not as many as I had hoped.

The number of certifications required for Freighter mastery is minimal, Armor Reinforcement, Shield Reinforcement & Navigation Support.

In two days on the 23rd I will have been flying the deadly skies of EvE for three years. I have 46m SP and I have spent almost two and a half years of that time in Anoikis from C1 to C6, living out of a POS.

I joined EvE at the tail end of Tyrannis, Incursion dropped very shortly after. I grew up in Incursion and have lived through Incarna, Crucible, Inferno and now I have crossed the Rubicon… Hopefully, and with the help of ISIS, Tur will finally Master of some ships he actually OWNS before the Summer 2014 Expansion hits.

It’s been a great three years and I am looking forward to the next three…

Fly wreckless and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. I don't understand why not being at V bothers people.

    Masteries, like Certificates before them, are crutches for people who don't understand how to play Eve. It's a great addition for the game for new players.

    But for veterans you should customise your character based on what you want to be good at. For example to master a Breacher requires both Rocket Specialization V and Light Missile Specialization V. It's very unlikely it would be worth maxxing both skills, as there's probably one type of system you prefer.

    1. Well, as I understand it it's twofold...

      (1) it's part of the whole 'this is a game of percents' thing.Think about the specs of the mods in EvE... the +2% here and -3% there thing... It adds up and the best way to maximize your percentage chance to successfully do 'whatever' can be boosted in total by adding up these percentages... Maximum yield Mining, maximum chance to pull Salvage, Max Scanning, maximum chance to kill your opponent...

      (2) Sheer L33Tness... testosterone and youth induced braggadocio or pride of accomplishment,take yer pick.

      And I personally feel 'Mastering' in EvE is not a crutch anymoar than a Masters Degree or a Phd is a crutch IRL... It's certification of an understanding of specific knowledge in EvE same as a Degree IRL... There are many skills in the world that you cannot truly master via OTJ as you don't get the underpinning,the theory just the How-To.

      My ex is a chemist... there is no way in hell you are walking into a lab and really understanding her job without a degree... One of my best RL friends retired from the Submarine service, he was a Machinist Mate (Weapons) [Torpedoman] and his job you HAD to go to school for part of which was OTJ, period.

      The ISIS System of Leaning acceptably mirrors degree programs from RL in EvE... greater immersion, greater virtuality.

      As for what 'courses' you decide to get your 'Masters degrees' in... that is of course up to what you DO in EvE. And yes, Yes, YES... this is a great addition for old and new players.

  2. That's the thing, having total Mastery doesn't mean you can even sit in that ship.
    Maybe the skill to actually fly that ship should be included too?

    1. You need to dig deeper. Mastering is fulfilling all the underlying skills “to required levels”, not necessarily to L5 though.

      Open ISIS, click on any ship you have Mastered, go to the Requirements Tab... for the Fenrir I discovered that while I hold a Master's Degree for that hull, I have all required skills to L5 except Advanced Spaceship Command, which is at L4. L4 is all that is needed for the Fenrir therefore fulfilling the reqs to allow the Adv skillset which give me a Masters. Now, go to the Mastering Tab and open each skill… again, you only have to fulfill each required underlying skill ‘to the required level’… which again does not have to be L5 to complete the Reqs.

      Same as IRL you do not need to have a Masters in each supporting skill to get a degree in your area of expertise, you just have to fulfill the course requirements, IE hold the certifications, which may not require L5 in related skills. This is a very good simulation of RW degree programs… It’s complex and irritating! Yea immersion!! Yea CCP!!!

      My wife says... It's kinda Gay!!! LOL


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