Thursday, September 10, 2015

Back in the Black…

~or “So… How Do You Play This Game?”

I’m back, or really we’re back… or at least we were last night.

Got home a twee early last night, IE I left work on time for a change, because we have visitation with my 12yo son on Wednesdays, so after dinner, dropping him back off, and settling in afterwards I fired up TS just to see if it was still a ghost server and lo and behold actual live people were online! And not just any people but Sov and Tsra, our Fearless Leader himself himself and Le Banc! Oh frabjous day!

So after a bit of “Who the hell are you?” and other such trollery we ended up having enough people get on to actually consider running sites… especially as we now have a support Archon in our home. We did not build it for ratting, it is primarily a POS and fleet support carrier, but on those nights as we have enough people on and really solid hole control, we may occasionally use it for ratting cause, well… it’s a Support Carrier FFS.

So last night instead of flying in my usual logi role I was but one moar Ishtard Drone pusher applying my awesome droan DPS to fukkin UP some Sleepers and with Archon Logi... well, the Nefarious Forces of Naptime couldn’t even scratch our paint! But it was not about the ISK or the gameplay or the PVE… the fun was being back in the black flyin’ with my guys in the deadly skies of New Eden.

It’s funny… there is so much Elite Dangerous has that EVE doesn’t… a full 6 degrees of freedom in supraluminal flight, 400 BILLION stars, amazing detailed first person flight mechanics, actual Physics, a much more deeply interactive NPC community, the very real promise of landing on planets… with space Jeeps! Sol system and mother Earth just to name a few… but the one thing EVE has that E:D doesn’t overshadows it all…

EVE was envisioned and created as a social game and CCP has devoted the continuing development and support of the social aspects and interactions in EVE. And THAT makes it far far more than just a game.

I was seriously lookin’ at corp hoppin’ and joining Noir. Academy with Epigene… but as long as there are guys on TS and in the game like Sov n Tsra n Endy n Elru and the rest… well, I’m a wormholer at heart… and home is where the heart is.   =]

Fly reckless and see you in the Hole =/|)=


  1. Glad you're having fun. And I'll be in Noir. Academy for a while, having a blast, I'll be waiting for you :)

    1. Yea... it was weird man. I had made the decision, was really ok with the change... I DO NOT LIKE CHANGE... and had moved out of the hole and even wrote up a smashing application to Noir. Really, it was GOOD. And I log onto TS one night and fuk if like everyone doesn't show up.

      Really? I mean REALLY? WTF? 3 almost 4 MONTHS you guys can't be bothered with it and NOW you all log in??? If I hadn't been so damn happy to see em I'da been right pissed off I tell ya!

      So yeah... so it goes huh? Still wanna share space with you one day my friend. Just not today it seems... =]


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