Friday, September 4, 2015

Days of Malaise…

~or “My Give-A-Damn May be Fixable…”

I have not been playing much EVE these past few, ok, threeish months… and in the last few weeks I have not even played much E:D either. I usually hate when RL gets in the way of my fun, but lately I have been wondering if it is that, or something else that stays my mouse finger when hovering over the “Login” buhtan.

IRL we are in the middle of a ‘space re-allocation’ at work. They have basically cut the IT User Support area into thirds and we are losing significantly more m3 than one of them. During construction we have been jammed into a much smaller, ¼ section of the same room. To say this has been little ‘disruptive’ is to say the EVE playerbase can be a little 'contentious'…  Add to this I have been putting in some occasionally serious OT and ‘ol Tur has simply been going to bed earlier then he has been used to and that cuts heavily into my gaming time.

That’s the RL side of my reduced gaming activity… but if I’m honest with myself, and you gentle reader, it’ not all of it. Looking back I realize there have been nights, more than a few, where I ran the launcher but then got into blogging and reading and even watching upcoming movie trailers and when I realized it was past my bedtime… there was the client, buried under multiple windows and ignored. Not forgotten… ignored. Seems at some point in the last month or so my gaming give-a-damn got broke and I dint realize it.

As for not loggin into EVE that I feel is really due to 2 factors… (1) I have a lot (for me) of ISK now and the push, the need to grind sites or even just keep PI going so I can make enough monies to pay the bills so to speak is just not there. And (b) the guys I have always flown with are on sabbatical or taking a break or whatever it is that is keeping them from loggin in and they are the real reason I want to play anymore…

As for Fozzie Sov and other “things of great import” going in in EVE… I have no idea nor any opinion… There’s this Chairman Mao saying… (paraphrased) “Frogs at the bottom of the well, only see a part of the sky.” I live inna hole man.

As for my recent E:D malaise… this I am uncertain of. I still like the game immensely and I do have fun when I play and find it fulfilling and there is a lot I want to get into and explore and do in E:D… so why have done nothing except fill my cargo hold, several days ago, in prep for a Rares run I have yet to make? I have no idea… so I’ll talk about what I do when I DO login.  =\

On the E:D side…
I started working the “Rares” circuits. Rares in E:D for them as dunt know are items available only in one system what can be extremely valuable when sold many light years away from their origin systems. Basically the Rares mechanics are, (1) buy the tan highlighted items, (2) sell them a minimum of 120 LY from origin system and (3) reap approx. 800 to 900% ROI (Return On Investment)!

The chart below (SPREADSHEETS INNNNN SPAAAAACE FTW!!!) shows my last full Rares Circuit in which I spent a total of 105,674.00c to make 1,046,521.00c after investment recoup, a 980% profit… not too shabby for approx an hour of easy gameplay hm?

Much of the details of the Rares Trade Circuits and mechanics have, of course, been worked out by other players such as Commander Gid who provided the map below which I found on “Fingerbob's guide to Elite Dangerous Trading, Part Three” along with some of the best info and advise on Rare Trading in E:D.

That’s pretty much all I have been doing in E:D. I hit a few systems, load up on Rare goods and head out into the black. Oh and I always use the most economical routes. Routes that cover like 30 to 40+ hops. Why? Cause I won’t pay for gas anymore and I prefer to make even more credits.

Free Fuel… It is far far faster to scoop the small amount of fuel expended on a small hop than for one at the edge of my max jump range, that can be near a ¼ tank and take a few minutes orbiting the sun and I don’t like being ‘exposed’ to attack that long.

Moar Credits… At every system you pass through run a deep scan before you jump out… you can sell the data at systems at least 20+ LY on down your route. And the price goes up the farther out you get… if you wait till you get to your destination, say 180LY out, you can make from 50,000 to over 70,000c in addition to your trades… that alone usually covers my initial investment in my cargo.

Tonight I logged in just to show my son (AI, the one what got me into EVE who we’re visitin’ in Georgia ATM…) all about E:D. Gave him a basic run through, how fight n flight and such works… and even have a hold full of Rares to boot, half a mil credits just waiting for me to make the 165LY run to Zaonce… and yet after I boofed around showing AI how E:D works… I just docked up and logged off instead of making the run.

Now, as for EVE…
I have been keeping up on the blogs both player and Dev, the EVE-O forums (where and when applicable)(and stomachable) the Local News as reported by The SCOPE and suchlike… and I have my concerns. There seems to be a malaise the days in New Eden… seems like a lotta people beside me might has a broke Give-a-Damn.

Though… I did get a stirring deep in my EVE nethers recently… enough of a stirring that I actually logged on night afore last, scanned the holes in Home, found the pipe out to Empire and went and docked Tur up in Amarr. You see I “do” want to play EVE, I just don’t wanna do it solo and my guys in HELPeR are on a break or sabat or somesuch and there just aint much going on that I wanna take part in or much even TO take part in.

But… I read my friend Epi’s post, Into the Black, where he announces he has joined Noir. Academy one of New Eden’s most respected Merc Alliances and that got my attention. You see for them as don’t know me and mine, by that I mean my home corp HBHI, were once a part of SYJ Alliance in Anoikis. SYJ, Surely You’re Joking [HAHA] Alliance was an Anoikis Merc Alliance when we were with them, and at the time, a damn good one though not as… moral? honorable? decent? as Noir. But DAMN did we have some big fun and made mountains of ISK with them until they decided to leave Anoikis and head to losec with the idea of trying null out… at which time HBHI & SYJ parted ways.

So here I have Epigene, someone I have kinda always wanted to fly with, or against, either would be fun, joining a Merc Corp, a well-respected Merc Corp…
and I miss flying in EVE…
a lot…
and I miss being a merc…
a lot…
decisions decisions…

Fly reckless and see you in the Sky =/|)= 


  1. I was feeling the same way not too long ago. For new I just sat down and asked myself what do I want out of this game. Then I've started to work towards it. It sounds like you're doing the same now. Hope you start flying in New Eden again so I can read more of your adventures!

    1. Thanx Orson... For me it was that sudden, "I LOVED being a Merc!" Ah HAH kinda moment... What I want most out of this game is to:
      (1) fly with people I like,
      (2) fly with people who have the same goals and ethics ingame as I,
      (3) fly in small to mid sized gangs where one guy is important and
      (4) get paid to pew!

      And I promise, if I do or see anything worth blathering about, I WILL!

    2. That's pretty much my train of thought. Get back to my roots. What interested me in this game initially was the player run economy. I set my sights on being an "arms dealer" and that's the path I am looking to go down. So it's all about re-establishing my industrial base and looking for clients. I hope reasonable prices, custom orders and excellent customer service is something people want. Here's to an exciting future!

  2. My way of combating malaise is doing something new, migrate to where the action is and basically not worry about the "meta" all that much. I enjoy EVE for its complexity and depth since I first time logged in and continue to use EVE as my yard stick to evaluate other games.

    The Mercenary world had me excited for a long time since it promised the intensity of nullsec fights (that I had never experienced) with the "intimacy" of a small band of brothers. But they are intimidating, most guys with 10 mil SP have me beat on PVP experience. Its going to be a fun ride - would love to see you in space with me (either side :) )


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