Sunday, February 9, 2020

Postcards from the Other Side of the Sky...

~or "Always Remember to Take the Time to Appreciate the Smell of the Inside of Your Spacesuit..."

I am not FC... never will be, shouldn't actually... I like how very pretty EVE is, way too much. The artwork is stunning and the ships, animations, especially some of the backdrops... breath taking... and when you throw in a little chaos, a little ButterFly Effect, like a random undock in a Speed Tanked Slasher where I randomly decide to orbit the new station just FFS and then I get the "Oooooh" and the "Ahhhhhhhh" and without thinking I turn off the overview to take pictures. That's right, you really don't want me FCing.

So I am in a tight orbit round the POS... (Oh, ahem, right) I mean, the "Astrahaus Citadel"... (fuk whatever, itsa POS ok? a Player Owned Station). In Anoikis unlike any other space in EVE, Player Owned Stations, Citadels or old POS Spikes, are the ONLY ways to have a home in space other than a ship...

There is beauty to be found in a place and a space one calls home... Here is some of the beauty I see everyday in my beloved Anoikis, wormhole space... OUR space, our home.

I spent, well, am spending, the weekend in EVE. The whole damn weekend. Something I have not done in years, literal years, as in with an "s". Today some sturdy kind soul in Ira scanned down a bunch stuff, among it all, a 2 hole pipe to Hisec, Schweet. I then spent the rest of the day late into the evening ferrying Gas, Lewts & Slavage OUT and ships, mods and such IN. I brought "The Cant", my Orcabago... but the C1 hole was a little too tight (that's what SHE said) so I parked in the closest station and spent the evening shuttling my old ass off.

Anyhoo, as part and parcel to all of this was a side trip to Jita to sell off the GL&S and to, ah hem, umm, get a NEW Sabre cause my old one, well it was ...mumble, mumble... and so I bought n fitted a replacement, 'nough said, moving on.

So at the Jita undock I decided to do something I used to enjoy back when I was a noob... a real noob, a 4 months ingame noob and all wide eyed and bushy tailed and a real Fan Boi of CCP and all cute and cuddly like a little puppy in space...

I carefully placed my ship top center of the undock and just sat up on the ledge and watched the world go by... just like I used to do back in Arnon right after I "graduated" EVE Noob School (the Tutorials) which ended for me with Sister Alitura's Epic Arc, "The Blood Stained Stars".

For the next few months after that, fresh out of school I kept busy doing odd jobs, ratting the nearby .5 belts, running a mish or 2, keeping some coin in ma pockets... but each evening always found me sittin' on the undock, like a kid swinging his legs on the porch of a summer's eve... watching the world, and in my case, the incredible panoply of noob's and noob scammers and griefers and all the amazing asshats of EVE... I loved  it.

Sittin in Jita' 4-4's undock today... this is some of what I saw...

I love EVE...  Thank you CCP.

Fly however you damned well please... but FLY dammit!!

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