Sunday, February 2, 2020

Think I'm Gonna have'ta TRI Me Summa that...

~or "(translation) Triglavian Shit FTW!"

OK, OK, OK! I KNOW I'm coming back to the dance late, my eyes are bloodshot, more than a little glazed over and there's Cheeto powder stains on my shirt and I'm missing a shoe... I get it, I really do... but DAMN.

So Triglavians huh? Who knew? I mean I "knew" there was a New Kid in Town, I have been playing, granted in an extremely limited and stilted and highly narrowly focused way... I have been a bit of an EVE introvert these last few months in my re-discovery of EVE and I kept quite to myself, haven't been on comms until last night and have been playing mebbe more solo than even Hermie does I think, as I was not even researching and reading up on all the new shit around me...

So many of the bloggers I have known, followed and loved and hated and argued and agreed with and envied and even seriously worried about were gone... so many dark blogs... I simply didn't have the heart to try and read up on stuff and browse the blogshere as in days of old, it was all just too depressing TBH.

Of course I had seen the Trigs in space, I had flown in a random fleet with a bunch Trig ships and I had caught a tidbit of gossip here and a snatch of info there, so I knew they were a new faction they had been mauling the Drifters and are now an Invasion thing to rival Sansha on his best day...

Anyhoo all of this is to say that while I have been more active of late, until A.I. and I got on NOMEX comms and had a strangely enjoyable evening last night chattin with corpmates while watching Tranquility getting beat like a drum by a now 4 day old and very effective DDoS attack (who is doing this and why is what I want to know)...

I had not really looked into the Triglavian Collective, their ships, their activities and their lore. There were so many changes to the game that I simply had not taken a good look because I was too busy with new mechanics and makin' ISK and too disinterested in the metagame.

I know you can learn a lot from ingame resources... I just didn't TRY... I was just happy enough to be flying again and tryna make some ISK. I have always played EVE like it's a actual Virtual RL. I have never bought PLEX to make ISK. I wanted to spend my entire EVElife standing on my own two feet, if I bought it, I bought it with ISK I EARNED in game. I was proud of that, poor though it kept me at times.

Like I am, well was a few weeks ago. A few months ago I had broke my wallet fitting a hole fleet for Envy, NOMEX's old C2... I had stored ALL those nice expensive ships in our Keepstar, "Visteen"... right up to when Visteen was assploded, as has been recently discussed here and over on Epigene's blog... but in Anoikis, we don't have Asshat Safety so it was all gone gone gone...So when I logged in a few weeks ago to start flying with my son again I had less than 100m ISK, and in EVE, that's dirt poor.

Oh and DO NOT get me started on "ASShat Safety"... you DO NOT wanna hear that whole rant.

Fukkin CCP'P'P'Pissn' me off. You do realize this is the ONE way in which you have really and truly fucked the (Hi, Lo and Nullsec parts of the) game you created right? You do get that, right? Glad I live in Anoikis... where the laws of Bob and the Meta of EVE IS REAL are still obeyed. Loss is still real in Anoikis... but not in the rest of New Eden anymore...  'nough said.

Anyway, so I have done some research and talked to corpmates who are flyin the new ships and, well, wow. Some of the stats seem to be game changers to me, but I need to get my ass in a few of them and find out for myself.

One of my great joys in the game is Logistics, remote repper. I am much better at the intricacies of Logi, keeping ranges, being ever watchful over your mates, applying reps where and when needed, flying in the Logi wing, keeping the cap chain up and landing reps as needed... I love being Logi. And the New Hotness, the FOTM is the Precursor Tech II Cruiser, the Triglavian Zarmazd.

It's "balance" is the way it lands reps. It has an increasing rep rate over time... it takes about 6 cycles to build to the rep capabilities of say, a single Guardian but, once there, it continues to increase reps until it is landing nearly as much as 2 Guardians!... BUT you have to hold lock, stay in range and keep landing reps "over time" to get that massive repair boost.

So it may be great at keeping a small gang's tank alive but in larger fleet fights, especially PVP where good FC's will try to use this against you... if you have to rapidly swap reps, you will be hard pressed to match the rep power of a single Guardian.

It does have a secondary buff, it's speed. It is fast AF for an armor boat so its great for kiting so it could really excel at small gang. These two factors, speed and having enough Time on Target to land 6 and more continuous cycles, make it potentially the King of Small Gang Logi, IE, Wormholes... so, Imma gonna get me summa dat!

I have thrown the books for Precursor Frigate, Cruiser, Destroyer, Battlecruiser and Battleship to the top of the Q and lined up to take all to L3 then I'll start playing with em a bit.

I had set pen down dear reader and did not pick it back up again until a day later, so an update is in order...

1. I caved... I broke my Golden Rule... for the very first time I said, "Oh what the hell..." and bought PLEX. I need ISK, lots of it... like a bil or two of it. I need a fleet for the hole, NOMEX has Doctrine Fits, they are Anoikis fits and they are NOT cheap, so I said fuck it.

2. As an Omega, I skill x2 faster... and it shows. Tonight I am already L3 in all but the Precusor Battlecruiser (running now) and at L3 that unlocks the Battleship and it's next.

3. Add #1 & #2 and you get Tur's 958th Anoikis Fleet.. or something like that, I've done this a few times ok?.. but back then I had loads of Wormhole ISK in the bank. This was the first time I didn't have either enough ISK simply "left over" as twere, or enough PVE ships and a hole to dive in to make some... I had neither ISK not the proper ships. Well, now I do, and just in time too.

I logged on tonight and was told there's a hisec hole into Ira, our new C5 and to get moved in if I wanted... it was in good shape with a lot of mass and time left on it and that all threw me a little... I mean I knew it was coming but with the delays in corporate I had sorta set it aside "till later" so I found my self stuttering mentally as the brakes squealed and juddered... OH, yea... that's WHY I have been doing all of this mining and broke my rule n shit.

So here I am, it's 04:22 EST (09:22 EVE) and I am in "Canterbury" my Orcabago Floaty Fortress of Friendship making a midnight run with a hold full of canned goods and 7 fitted ships... my trusty 'Stero, a Loki, a Sabre, a Guardian, a Broadsword, a Hawk and a Prospect and a few shuttles for now. I just can't wait to get back to the sweet, deadly, lonesome and oh so beautiful skies of my beloved Anoikis...

Ahhhh.... there it is. For the first time in many a month, I land on a hole... "Preeeetty..." I mumble to myself...

"OK, jump jump!"

And it begins again...

Fly your Abaddon with abandon and mebbe I'll see you in MY  Sky!!



  1. If the cause of the DDoS was in-game / CCP related, it might have been triggered by the rejigged DLC packs that were released four days ago. They all contain Skill Points, which some people were very unhappy about.

    I am having issues connecting cleanly to EVE at the moment, both to log in and to the chat servers. I don't know if the attack is still ongoing though - the issue feels / looks more like I am being impacted by the company protecting CCP from such attacks. CCP's Twitter Status page reported the errors I was getting and indicated they were investigating.

    Good luck being back in your hole. It will be interesting to hear if the nature of the beast has changed any.

    1. I forget to add... I read of a guy who tried setting up VPN (I used ProtonVPN) and he tried a few European servers and he got logged in ok.

      I tried this and have been "basically" up ok for the last 2 days. Far far less issues than I was having the 1st 2 days... just sayin. =]

  2. Hey Hermit... I have been sorta vaugly following the Skill Points Scandal. I would not be surprised at all if the players were at the root of this. May I ask where you got your intel? I wish I could say I am Really Piised Off Now or All Up In Arms or even Deeply Concerned or hell... I wish I actually gave a crap but you know what? I really don't anymore.

    But now, with the recent changes, It's just another GAME... that's all it is, "WoW in Space", with "Guaranteed Lifetime Bling" via Asshat Security, "Pay to WIN" with Skill Points created outta thin bullshit and availble for Purchase at a "We're Rippin You Off to Win" store near you!

    Evidently they crossed that line sometime while I was away on sabbatical... So for me, coming back to EVE after these changes and it's like a lot of in the game have just accepted these changes, or even like them. In Noisy's post CCP BS about Pay to Win (my title not his) he says;

    "Following the the acquisition of CCP by Pearl Abyss in September 2018, training of skill points was out and straight out handouts of skill points was all the rage. In November 2018, EVE witnessed the first log in for skill points event with a "Double Training Weekend" that handed out up to 50,000 SP for alpha accounts and 100,000 SP for omega accounts who logged in the weekend of 16-19 November. In the Christmas event in December, players with Alpha accounts could receive 50,000 skill points and Omega players 150,000 SP as part of the login rewards."

    So let's all try and enjoy our New and Improved "World of Warcraft In Space" game... I have finally given up on CCP at last. I am going to keep playing and I will still write about it, but that will probably be more just about my exploits and such ingame, not so much about the metagame as that has has grown stale, boring and tasteless to me...

    CCP has given up or lost the vision they had when they started this, and I guess that's to be expected, "Change IS the ONLY constant" and whether or not a given "change" is "good" or "bad" is subjective and personal.

    Thanx CCP, fuck you very much.

  3. No intel Tur - just the coincidence of timing, offhand remarks in the blog sphere and social media, and because it has been done before.

    Trying to ignore CCP is a valid path to enjoying the game more.

    I think CCP still has a vision - but that it has been too myopic. When things haven't turned out like they hoped, they keep doubling down on it. They have been strangling the open sandpit nature of the game for some time now chasing what their statistics tell them leads to player retention. They have forgotten that a great game that delivers leads to player retention.

    Whether you get 0, or 250,000 or 1,000,000 Skill points in your DLC packs isn't really all that important in the long run, when compared to how the game is to play.

  4. Let's not say gone dark, it's submarines in space after all. Instead let's say running silent, running deep.

    1. NOOB!!!! LOL Yo bro! I actually have you watchlisted ingame... I've seen you log on and off occasionally. I do miss your "take" on EVE though. But yea, maybe a change of title for the Dead Blogs section might be in order.

      Take care bro... =]

    2. I might have to add a day or two to the blog. First there was an Alpha char to see what I could do, then there was a look to see how flying compared with Omega, then there was amazement at all the crap I had built up over the years, then there was flying around the old haunts looking at it, then there was the same on the industry alt, then it was "oh, I'm playing again" as I filled in the PushX contract for half a billion in mats.

      PS try low level PVE in a Vedmak if you like Trig ships. Old school, easy mode, fun. Don't take it to the Gala, I barely got the thing out.

      o7 hole bro.

    3. Yup... I gotta say I am feeling very different this time 'round. Not bad, a good kinda different. My investment is different... I am still all gaga over the game, just more settlted and mature about it is all, don't get my panties all inna bunch over changes and shit, kinda roll with the punches and get back up grinnin.

      AND something personally really big happened...
      We had a VERY interesting fight that occurred very organically and escalated over time... I was cloaky scout and was told to jump the hole we knew the bait Hyperion and cloaky Astero and Sabre had jumped into "KT" (our stat C5) from.

      I jumped and when my session cleared I was sittin 3k off the hole an smack dab in the middle of The Kitchen Sink Fleet of DEATH... and I got the shakes like I have not had in YEARS... seriously, I was almost physically unable to attempt the screaming dive back to the hole to try and escape... and was totally surprised that I made it out.

      Then I sat there shaking and laughing until my sides hurt from the sheer excitement and joy...

      I then stunned to see that I had somehow actually taken a screenshot and had the list of exactly what was on the other side... and I did not (still don't) remember doing that AT ALL!! I told the guys what was waiting for us and that I had to sit still for a little bit cause I couldn't reliably use the mouse yet from the shakes...

      It felt amazing... just like the first time... Gods I love EVE.

    4. The only game you'll ever get that feeling in. Sure there is a rush in other games, glories in other games, but never that straight through the heart adrenaline spike you feel in EVE. Congrats. And welcome home.

    5. Yuppers... and I just reread your first blog posts back when you started in EVE... Man you really did convey the feelings of being a noob in EVE so well, really brings back that old feelin. Gods wouldn't that be something? If you could make a game that never loses that initial excitement, that sense of Firsts, of discovery and sheer wonder...

      oh and BTW... I am hurt and I cry... Not, your blog list, I am on?? I has been kicked to the curb? I mean I know I'm an old fart and it smells in here n all but... friends, we were, I thought...

    6. I think that's why EVE players leave for a while but always come back, and always monitor the news. They checkout but that adrenaline rush makes sure they never really leave. Hotel California.

      You are on the "Blogs I'm Reading" bit! That's how I found out you were blogging again. Look again, old timer. ;)

    7. It is a unique game in many respects... Did you know it's the ONLY game I play? Never ever rolled a char in anything else that lasted more than 2 weeks. Except all the tasty flavors of Doom that is, that game got me into PC gaming. I have trialed a LOT of MMO's over the years, gave them up as a bad idea cause I just can't get into watching some elf ass wander around for hours... sheesh. The ONLY game ever caught my attention is EVE... and it has ALL of it. I can't even do alts in EVE FFS... feels bad wrong to "be" anyone other than Tur... he is me, I am him, we are Bob!!!!! =]

      As for your Blogroll... Ahh, mmm, Ah Hem! Well, THAT surely wasn't there the last time I looked!

    8. Oh, I'm the opposite! Any world is worth a visit, as long as I get to come back to the nice, cool black. As for alts. Well. My "alt" has more SP than my main now I think. Alts everywhere. 7 in EVE.

      As for the blogroll. The "visited" link colour is really bad, hard to see the dark grey against the black. I'll have a look and see if I can change it. I've been meaning to mess around with the blog this weekend...


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