Monday, August 15, 2011

The Fellowship is Breaking...

One of the amazing things about MMO(RP)Gs is the sense of community... nowhere more so than in EVE. Our corp is part of an Alliance… and I am very sorry to say that it feels, and looks, as if that Alliance may be breaking.

The Alliance we joined had been around for some time before we formed our corp and joined up. As a matter of fact my corp CEO (my son AI) and our Security Director (SL, AI’s RL Marine corpmate) had been members of a corp that was in this same Alliance many months before I joined EVE. As I understand it, they left that corp (and hence the Alliance) because their CEO was not very active (as we understand it he had RL issues that took precedence, but still…). I have heard over and over again and again here that the most successful corps and Alliances are the ones with very active CEOs and Leaderships.

As any organization grows it takes on increasing responsibilities and expectations from its membership, whether in RL or in EVE… or any venues for that matter where people get together in groups to attain common goals and share in common interests. Without an active and involved leadership, these groups, whether virtual corps or Alliances or RL clubs, groups, companies etc., cannot support and coordinate activities and efforts and they WILL fail. The members will leave and break up to seek out groups and such that fulfill their desired goals and interests.

If you have a corp or Alliance and you have something come up in RL or any situation where your effectiveness as CEO or Executor will be hindered or significantly reduced, you should work to see to it that there are people in leadership positions with the power, responsibility and drive to keep things active and working while you deal with whatever it is that is taking precedence in your available time.

I am very sorry to say, our Executor has not done this and something, we know not what, has and is keeping him away and unavailable. This has lead to a great tragedy… The POS in the C1 owned and operated by our Alliance was allowed to run out of fuel… the forcefield went down and the POS was attacked and raided… with a very heavy loss in ships and mods.

This was a VERY well designed and setup Dethstar. A True Sansha Large Control Tower with a REALLY impressive array of defenses. Multiple internal mods and many ships stored in the Corp Hangar… plus 2 Carriers… that’s right, two Carriers.

Prior to this sad event… several of the corps that had joined the Alliance had opted to leave primarily due to the pressure of the constant War Decs. I felt we did OK as an Alliance in responding to the War Decs… and none of our corps was ever really hurt in I$K or ship losses but we were really hurt by the constant interruption of everyone’s time ingame.

While none of our corps were such complete carebears that they were dead set against any PvP, and most all of our pilots wanted to get involved and kick butt AND we were able to field fleets of up to 15 ships over and over again… The War Targets, of course, were not going for that… preferring hit and run and station games and 2 & 3v1 attacks. We did get one group to come out on the field and take a stab at one of our War Fleets…. and we won that one in both ship and I$K costs.

We weren’t bad at fighting back… they were simply paying the wear ‘em down game…. and that is a hard, hard game to respond to well. We are not a 0.0 Alliance and we have a mixed bag of corps with a mix of interests… and the constant Wars were just too much for some. Heck, my corp decided to put our main Chars in the C2 during this last War… I was willing to log on one of my OOC (Out Of Corp) alts for Spai and Scout duties… and I was willing to gank the WT’s OOC Spais and Scouts… but the Alliance leadership was either not logging on and several had left with their corps and there was, for us, some confusion over who if any of the leadership were left to turn to.

Then came the attack on the C1 POS… that was heartbreaking for me as that was where I discovered my place in this game… it was where I got my 1st kills… it was where I was 1st really “home” here. I was on a few nights ago and one of the Alliance corp members was on… and he was taking down the Spike and the mods that were left… a sad, sad day.

We don’t know what is going to happen now with the Alliance now… my corp is for the most part focusing inward. Keeping the POS fueled and separating the Forces of Naptime from their valuable Loot and Salvage…  I haven’t been OL nearly as much lately due to some RL issues… and I have a BUNCHA books I bought months ago that I want to use, but all of them have L4 and L5 pre-reqs in a large number of areas… so I decided to focus some real time on those skills I have been putting off due to the very large investment in time involved.

And it is really paying off… My lock time in my Drake last night was down to 1.8 seconds… Man OH man! And my scanning ability is very noticeably improved as I work my way through all of the Astrometrics books… +10% Scan Strength per level; -10% Scan Time per level; -10% Max Scan Deviation per level; +1 Probe per level … Get all those to L5 and I will become a SCANNING GOD!!!!  =]

Next is the long, long training haul to T3 Crusiers and my dream ship… a Cloaky Loki!

So ‘tween now and then my corp watches and waits to see what will happen w/ the Alliance. We do have solidarity with our brother corp in the C2… we have both made statements to the effect that we will remain in some form of Alliance together… which makes sense as we share 1 small system inside the C2 wormhole we both call home.

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=

PS... An addendum to my last post... Nope, we dint sell the C4 OR the other C2 it was connected to... I split and the hole expired afore my CEO could get into it... Not his fault, I shoulda stayed inside. Oh well.... so it goes.   =P


  1. NICE background man! I don't know how you did it, but I did it with microsoft Paint, and it took alot of time just to do mine. You've got 3 chars in there >_<

  2. Thanx.... yours inspired me! I started in IT as a digital artist 15, 16 years ago. I use an app from back then called PaintShop Pro v4.0 It was a FREE version (and so still is) and it does a very nice job of digital painting and shading and many other nice effects. I it only took me about 3 hours total to put together the pic of my prime and the 2 alts (Angel & Hiril).

    May I ask if the fem toon in yours is an alt or what? For some reason she looks familiar...


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