Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I’mmmmmmmmmmm… OFF to be The Wizard! ...

Yo HO HO and a Bottle of Quafe!…
(Back to how Tura is gonna become a PvP GOD…)

Well the (current) war has ended and (so far) no one else has dec’ed us SO… I spent the last week basically killin, lootin and salvagin the Nefarious Forces of Naptime solo… This past week has been kinda weird… very few allies or corpmates have been on when I have and I have not been on nearly as much as usual so I was usually alone in the C2 when ingame.

For me this was partially due to the War and also due to our last few stat lowsec holes have sukked ballz…  Either multiple lowsec hops with obvious gate camps on the route or seriously way too far from any of the major hubs or Dodi etc., etc. …

This setup several conditions…  1. It was somewhat boring but coincided with some RL shit I needed to devote time to and 2. It allowed me to work on my scanning uberness… running skillz to L5 and practicing… PLUS 3. it allowed me to solo a Sleeper Site or 2 each night… shiney… I needed the I$Kies plus while boring to a degree, I must say I enjoyed the break from the hectic ‘usual’ goings on…

It was kinda nice having the hole all to myself… life in EVE the way it should be for me. Rural… like living in the country. You know the cities and the Great Unwashed Masses are “out there”… but you can CHOOSE when to deal with em… on your own terms. I’ma country boy at heart… If I ever lived in Jita… I’d rage quit in a week.

Well, last night my boys were comin back to the hole (seems we finally got a GOOD Empire hole and nice HiSec) and, as the War had ended ervybody had popped out for store runs and suchlike. So my guys were coming back in, SL having just bought and fitted a Nightmare (SCHWEET!) and I had a vurra nice load of Sleeper L&S with a load of Arkonor to run to Jita, only 15 hops out…. Sweet.

Sold ervything, banked a nice 100M I$K… bought, on the Corp wallet, a load of the fuels we were shortest on and got meself a can full of Med ECM drones. Then browsed the market looking at ships… almost bought me a Fed Navy Comet… but it was ‘round then I got to chattin with Oz and Fer and decided to go ahead with my plans to jump corp and become a Pwndawon Learner.

Oz  & Fer had joined together  and setup a Pirate Corp and were War Dec’n and Can FengShui’in (we don’t can FLIP, we Can Feng Shui… we are doing pubic service and simply cleanin up all those cans that so many lowlife litterbug pilots toss out near stations…  =]  ) and gankin and partakin in suchlike piratical activities… and I’ma join up!

So I made the run back to the POS, spent some time fuelin up the CT. Then cleaned up my cargo bay, did the dishes, straightened up my room and packed a small kit bag. Went to my office, sat down and… sat there with my finger hovering over the enter key… with the “Remove All Roles” selection blinkin on screen…  and found I was somewhat overcome with emotion.

I dint want to leave HB. It’s my home. My corp. My son and our good RL friend founded it together. This was SILLY… I am going to come back, this is only a training sabbatical, this is TEMPORARY… a few weeks at most, I NEED this training, I am not leaving EVE and I still have my incorp alt in the POS… granted the lowskill bich can’t DO much of anything… but “I” can still logon as her and be incorp and in the POS… then why couldn’t I push that key??

Weird huh? I mean… this is all virtual… not “REAL”… and yet this place (read game) evokes such strong emotions in me… I can’t quit my corp because it will CHANGE who I am… it will change ME somehow…

So I close out of the Corp Management App, lock up my office and go down to the Ship Hangar. I board my Vexor, the one I fitted out for this right before we were Dec’ed last week… undock and align to the HiSec hole… then I spent a few minutes just gazin at the POS... at my home in the stars. I feel like a teenager who is leaving home to go to college… except that I AM coming back to stay, not leaving to start a new life out “there”. I warp to the hole… and through the crazy marble to the adventure that awaits me on the 
other side.

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=

PS… the above was SUCH a GOOD ending I had to add this after…
I made my way to Dodixie, 20+ hops, and after I got there I swapped ships to my ‘Phoon and went out and did what I call, “Sittin on the porch”. I undock and stop ship immediately then go vertical until I am level with the docking bay entrance… then I sit and watch the local parade of fools as they dock, undock, warp to and away, and sometimes… often… fight and kill each other. I thought things over and finally loaded up the Corp Management App on one of my command consoles, reselected “Remove All Roles”… and hit enter. 

Tomorrow my Training begins.


  1. I was going to suggest you run those C2 sites in an assault frig until you said you quit corp. It adds a little fun to it.

    Getting better at PvP is a good move I think. It can be tough figuring it out your own, so a temporary LOA to get your real (read no training queue) skills sorted in the PvP respect is an excellent idea, especially considering the WH is essentially the most dangerous 0.0 out there.

  2. As an aside, the blog of mine you're following doesn't get kept up to date as much as my main one. Mostly the reasoning behind that is that is meant to be an inchar journal for me, while can cover things aside from inchar stuff as well

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  4. LOL... I am about to admit to something really sad... I prefer to run Sleepers in my, as Shaniqua puts it... "DRAEK OF STRONGST HONOURABILITY" simply due to the fact that it can tank any C2 sleeper site... You see I dual screen and EVE is up on the 22" with my laptop open to the left. When runnin sleepers I warp in, fire up DCU II & all Invul IIs, target ervything and start the music of the 7 Cal Nav Hvy missiles... while I am AFS (Away From Screen). You see I turn to the left side screen and blog, or PYFA, or whatever... and every now and again, I have to remember to look over to the right and switch targets and/or reload and/or start the missiles again... and sometimes... I ferget for a bit. Sad huh? Deadliest space in EVE and so… I run sleepers AFK... =] The way I do it you could call it Sleeper Mining.
    Strangley I am pretty good at still spamming Dscan… have avoided a few raids that way. But while “ShitFit II” (my Drake) tanks the shite outta sleepers… it takes forever to kill em so I just don’t pay as close attention as I you would think I should…

    And yea... goin on Sabbatical to larn me some PvP is really what I need the most right now... just hadn't realized how leavin the corp would feel. Crazy game...

  5. Have checked out yer revenge blog... thanx, will follow.

    May I say I am honored to have someone interested in the crap I write about... =]

    A question for you though... in my ingame life I have to make I$K to pay for… well ervything… your blogs never go into how you make your living in null.

    Inquiring minds want to know…


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