Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If yer goona lose… lose BIG!

Continuing the theme of how Tura sux at PvP…

OK, recent PvP experiences:

Woke up to another lovely day in the POS… Hopped in my CovOps Cheetah, “Wha?” I needed to do a store run and sell some Sleeper Loot & Salvage SL and I had freed up from the local Forces of Naptime… The Cheetah has only 200 M/3 of hold space so loaded her out w/ 2 Std Cans FULL of the L&S (‘member 2 Std. Cans carry 240 M/3 of stuff).  I then scanned down the anoms and sigs in our C2… got 2 Unstab WHs and promptly went to check em out. One was the Stat LowSec exit, excellent, and the other was the Stat C2.

Got the BMs for the lowsec and warped to the new Stat C2 just to get the BMs…
1st mistake, I left the 2 cans FULL of S&L in the hold,
2nd mistake, I warped into the Stat C2 without support,

Some of you may have an inkling of where this is going… The Stat C2 was occupado and they were awake and they were active and they were HOSTILE to bumbling idiots in cloaky CovOps ships. The Other side of the hole was camped and bubbled. I was able to fly outta the bubble before they found me and then go to MWD and get far enough away that they couldn’t.

Several of my Allies were up and active and we discussed my situation and options. The Occupants of the Stat C2 moved their Crow and Onyx into our C2 and bubbled and camped the hole while their ‘Geddon Navy Issue and a Scorp jumped back and forth to mass close the hole and trap me inside… I watched, waited and maneuvered to see if I could make a run for it, but no go... I was trapped.

Oh well, not too bad as I WAS in my best cloaky and a CovOps to boot, unarmed and w/ a paltry shld tank though she was… but she was fast, cloaky and with an Expanded Probe Launcher and a full set of Sisters probes. I quickly made several safes I and started scanning for their new static exit hole. I found it fairly quickly and warped to 100 and waited and watched a while… no activity and they still had probes out… or they had found it and were camped tight on the other side and had probes out as a ruse, oh what to do what to do…

The general consensus from my Allies was either stay logged in and sit cloaked up tight at a safe until they get tired and log off or uncamp the hole… or log off and try again later that night or the next day… I can always log onto one of my alts and sorta keep on playing that way. Problem was I dint want to log off… and I dint want to wait… my 3rd mistake.

My 4th, and the fatal mistake, was taking the bet that they had not found the exit yet… I ran up to the hole and popped through… and landed right in the middle of their bubble and hole camp… and this time I did not get out. They had multiple ships and many, many drones out. I was uncloaked before I could pick a direction to run… and so the dance started.

To say I was pissed at myself is an understatement of epic proportions. I was in an UNARMED and very lightly tanked ship packed as FULL of Sleeper L&S as I could make it… so on top of the usual adrenal shock and the and FIGHT or FLIGHT shakes I hadda good MAD at myself on too…  when these guys salvaged my wreck they were going to be very, very happy. I tried to get control over myself and get away, but a Broadsword, Crow and Falcon put paid to that attempt…

As my screens cleared from the violent explosion of my ship leaving my pod rocking in the blast wake and smoke, the only thing left to me was to deny them a pod kill. I warped to the 1st planet then immediately warped to the 3rd knowing they were all flyin to each warpable in turn searching for me. I set the self destruct and waited with my tactical screens zoomed out to 75KMl. As the countdown hit 4 seconds a ship warped in at 50KM from me and started burning towards me. I popped as he was trying for target lock. Crap.

I awoke in Soshin at my old SOE station in my clean, unblemished new clone… sans Ship, sans hold full Sleeper L&S, sans full set of +3 implants and full set of Shield hardwiring… Crap. Crap… crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap…

I purchased and refit a new Cheetah and did same e same with implants… and headed home.

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. Yea... well, moving espensive stuff 'round EVE is simply dangerous. My bad wasn't the ship loss as I see it, it was NOT droppin off the cans while scannin/scoutin...

    It's dangerous ervy time one pops though the crazy marble... but to carry a days income and risk that too... well, THAT was stoopid.

    You live, and die, and you learn. =]


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