Friday, June 1, 2012

Bumbling Around in the Black…

or~  Wormhole Transgressions Without Bad Intentions…

Last week I started scouting out wormholes but I have only really put 4 days work into it as I took a break for 4 of those days. Took the fambly to a little known backwater (and rather backwards) planet the locals call “Uurth”. I have found and claimed a really lovely spot. Shady trees with a beautiful view of a sweet little protected cove that looks out to a fantastically large bay… We setup camp and swam and fished and I spent as much time as I could in a hammock… ahhhh.

Well, “all good things” as they say… So we warped back, dropped off the fam and I crewed up and we got back in the hole. All in all we have scouted 12 holes, classes C2, 3 & 5. Most have been C2’s with Stat Lows and Stat C2’s but a few have been less plebian. Found one C2/Null/C5, never saw that combo afore. All were occupado, some moar so than others. A few had dead POSes and live POSes from diff corps. I had only one ‘close call’ as twere…

I popped thru a hole and an Astarte was camping the hole, or had just arrived or something. He was at approx 15km range but he was not prepared for someone to come thru as his react time sukked. I cloaked and fired off the MWD simultaneously, manually translated vertically and the Astarte passed behind and below me at 3500m. He popped his droans (1) Ogres, too slow and (b) too early so they trailed far behind him and were no help to him at all. I had BMed the return, gone to tactical system view, selected a warpable and I went to warp as he passed below & behind.

After that it was business as usual, stay cloaked, make safes, scout around. I have discovered something (or simply been damn lucky)… in every hole I scouted, I dscanned down the POSes I saw, determined which moon they were at and warped to 100km… every time I landed approx 100km from the POS (low of like 80something and a high of over 200) and never once was decloaked by anything. As I am flying a T3 Loki with the Interdiction Nullifier Subsystem, Warp Disruption bubbles (and ‘dictor bubbles) are not an issue for me either.

I have been curious about this as I have ‘read’ you should not do this, the risk is too high, or use a POD as the autodefense systems do not target PODs… which is not true as our POS targeted my POD moar than once, though it never fire on me. I however had never read of, heard of nor talked to anyone who could confirm a kill on a cloaky from warping to a Moon with a POS at 100km. As to why I am trying this with a T3 Loki… well, a T3 is the only ship which can run a CovOps AND an Interdiction Nullifier… so “IF” I ever do get declaoked I am counting on being able to get cloaked back up and initiate a warp out afore the POS auto systems can get a lock on me… of course… if anyone is home and awake, this might not go so well as I hope… but we’ll see I guess.  =]

Also, warping in closer than 100km I would not try as I understand the POS mechanics are suppose to ALWAYS anchor the POS at the center of the grid when you are on the right grid to anchor a POS…. therefore it will not be “at” 100 or “at” 0… it will be wherever the center of that grid is.

Keep in mind the 12 holes I scouted had a minimum of 1 POS and a max of 3 in every hole, and I warped to 100 AT EACH… we’re talking approx 24 POSes tested in the last 4 days… this is at least the beginning of a statistically valid sample… I find this… interesting and it make me brain bubble with plans for defensive strategies.

I have decided to setup base, probably on a temp basis, in a C2/Lo/C2 a pilot has offered to us, as what we want is a C3/Lo or at least a C2/Lo/C3 to we can start working in a higher risk hole, and making a commensurately higher reward. I will setup a Sm Minni Spike, I call it a tent, prolly name it “Coleman” or “Pup Tent” or some such…  LOL. Just enough to give me the bare minimums same as we did back when my CEO and I were gonna raid an empty C2 we found that was LOADED with sites, which worked out OK even though we hada buncha sites raided out from under us.

After I get camp setup I will move one of my Apprentice Lt’s (or ALt’s) in and then I can choose each day either to go on a scouting trip or run some sites… either way from now on I’ll be waking up in the deadliest space in EVE, where I belong.

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=

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