Monday, June 4, 2012

Setting Up Camp…

or~  I Love a Force Field, Dunt You?

OK, I am in the Temp C2 and living out of my Loki. I have scouted the new hole completely, made multiple BMs and “test” run a site already… “Test run?” you ask… well, I love my Loki and properly fit she is a smash site runner, at least on Guristas in Null, but currently she is MAX CloakyLoki fit… not DPS fit so I was a wee worried at her ability to take C2 Sleepers… I should nae hae worried… she did fine. Yes, I had to carefully manage range and the incoming DPS, but I never got below 50% Shld or below 60% CAP… I was well pleased.

So I scanned and scouted and waited until I had a favorable Lo-hole. The last two A239s lead to Null for some reason… sheesh… but I finally got one just one hop from Hi last night so I ordered my A-Lt., Angel, to our HQ in Eglennaert to fly in a POS and mods. Now that she can finally pilot a Mammoth, I had her load up the Sm Minnie POS and a basic Mod load… CHB, SMB, a balance of Arty, ACs & Ewar mods. I had copied all BMs to corp, she made the run to the hole without incident, this was the one that worried me as all the rest will be just fuels etc. All Sleeper L&S we run in cloakies, but the POS & mods need a larger Indie.

Got in, warped to my selected anchor moon and ran through the setup. Anchoring > Fueling > Onlining all went smoothly… Thank the Gods… FF went up and we have a Camp.  =]

OK, anchored and onlined the mods I had brought in and then had her make the 4 hops to Jita, load up on fuels, a full load of stront and x2 full loads of ammo for currently setup guns, make the run back, again smooth sailing… whew… Loaded all guns, filled the Stront Bay and brought Fuels up to 15 days. We have a POS, a permanent resident who can run CovOps scanners and we are set for at least 2 weeks.

So tonight (or soonest) I need to bring in a ship or two…  a Noctis… actually I’ll prolly use Salvage Thrasher (easier to on th’ wallet to lose)… I’d “like” to have a second Loki setup specifically for Sleepers, but I dunt have a spare 600M ISK laying around… so I’ll pick something I can run Sleepers in and better “afford” to lose. I also need a Cheetah and mebbe a shuttle or two… but whatever I keep in here it will be a bare minimum ‘cause a Small POS can never be a Deth Star and if attacked, while they are still a POS, they are obviously the easiest of the POSes to take down.

So begins in earnest my search for a C3/Lo to call our own… Waking up to the very familiar light of the K5 Red Giant sun that reminds me of our old C2, a K5 Red Giant too… I am happy again back in W-space even if it is inna tent and a temporary hole…

Now if I can just get my corpmates to visit and run some sites and raid some holes and such…  =]

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=

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