Sunday, December 23, 2012

Operational Security in Time of Holiday...

or~ How Mabrick Messed up...

This is a somber post… a post about a mistake. A mistake a good friend of mine made which has cost the life (well, one of the clones at least) of an unknown capsuleer. Yes my friends, a costly and dastardly mistake.

In his latest post Mabrick found evidence of a spaceship that ‘seemed’ to be a “Tengu” sittin at ‘0’ at Sol, our very own sun here in the Sol system.

Now setting aside the ramifications of the well established facts that the New Eden Local Group (the EvE star cluster) is located in a galaxy some unknowable millions (billions?) of light-years from Sol system AND is also located 22,000+ years in our future…

Uh hem, AND supposing this feat was accomplished via some previously unknown space-time mechanic, mebbe wormhole travel really does include a bit of time travel as has been contemplated by them as learned in such esoteric things…

Also setting aside another distinct and equally as far-fetched possibility… and the ramifications thereof… that this is not in fact some other ship of uncanny parallel design built and flown by some other ‘unknown’ sentient species from a totally different time and place, a possibility that boggles the imagination just slightly more than the aforementioned New Eden Capsuleer finding his way to Earth does… (and that was a very boggling experience for ME I’ll tell you not for nothing!…)

Presuming ALL OF THIS then it is just within the realm of possibility that a Tengu piloted by a New Eden capsuleer somehow…

found his way… Home for Christmas.

Ahhh… Home for Christmas. What a loverly thought hmmm? Except… Mab had to go and blab.

You see out of curiosity about this lone capsuleer sitting wayyy up there 8 light minutes away from the planet his genes were formed and shaped on… the world of his kinds birth… out of curiosity I went to the Goddard Space Flight Center’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) site to check up on our intrepid traveler and there he was… sitting calm and idle at Sol. I gazed in wonder at this brother from the stars… Five minutes later, what I watched transpire… simply tore my heart out…

It seems the GSF, that Theocracy of Thieves and Thugs… that Ebil Empire of Villainy and Perfidy (look it up)… those Gamers Who Want to Ruin YOUR Game have somehow (as they always do) discovered the methodology whereby our Tengu pilot found his way to Earth… and, as is their way, they send a gank fleet of ‘Nados and… well… you can see for yourself the outcome below…

The blame for this cloneloss… for the pain, suffering and anguish this capsuleer went through (lessened to a degree by whatever level of the “Infomorph Psychology” skill this pilot may have had… which strengthens the pilot's mental tenacity and helps one HTFU to the reality of having ones conscious detached from their physical form, transmitted across the galaxy and then integrated into a vat grown clone… which can be very unsettling to the untrained mind)… PLUS the LOSS of SKILLS associated with the loss of a T3 Cruiser!!! A fate far worse than simple clonedeath…  I place the blame for ALL OF THIS squarely at Mabrick’s fingers.

Had he held firmly on to the hard won lessons of the Tao of Holes, he would have not allowed his sentiments, his “feelings” at this time of holiday to get the better of him… he would have realized the danger he would place this unknown capsuleer in by blabbing… uh, ahh… blogging, the existence of and exact location of this ship to the WHOLE INTERWEB!

Operational Security NEVER Takes a Holiday!!!! Just imagine what would happen if the GSF ever got aholt of Santa’s Itinerary!!!

Fly Safe and KEEP your mouth shut!  =/|)=


PS and Off Topic…

I have been having some ship issues of late… seems we will be doing any ol thing any ol where and unless I am zoomed in close and watching my ship constantly… it ‘tends’ to have a mind of its own and will, without warning or orders… just fly off in any ol direction. My corpmates attribute this to crew dissatisfaction and outright mutiny… but I differ on this as I feel they are a scurvy yet loyal bunch and I blame it squarely on Mechanical Difficulties. IE I gotta bad mouse.

I have gone through 2 wireless meeses lately… one was old and I knew it was getting t’wards the end of its usefulness and the other, while much newer is also….well… crap. It was a cheap Drug store quik buy and worth ‘bout as much as I paid for it… which was not much indeed.

So…. while out doing my last minnit shoppin yesterday w/ my dottir I bought me a Bran New Mouse!!! And WHATTA Mouse I’tis!!! A Mad Catz, Cyborg R.A.T. 3 corded Gaming Mouse. Now this is not the Mouse ‘O My Dreams… that one is the Cyborg R.A.T. 9 wireless Gaming Mouse… or possibly the Cyborg R.A.T. 7 M.M.O. Gaming Mouse… I am conflicted on those 2… but at $150 US for the 9 and $85 for the 7 I felt I could just barely justify $49.99 for the 3… and MAN O MAN whatta mouse!!

No more Mechanical Issues for me!!  Adjustable from 900 to 3500DPI; preset DPI rocker to 4 std DPI jumps: 450, 900, 1800 & 3500; 3 fully programmable buttons; 3 Cyborg Modes; ST programming Software (download); Gold Plated connector; Braided USB Cable… and more.

Slick, hi-tech, comfortable under your hand… and it looks SO DAMN COOL!  =]

Merry Christmas to all my brothers and sisters in New Eden and especially to those of us who live… On the Other Side of the Sky…   =]



    ... but he was Caldari...

  2. I know this is old.. but how did you find the mouse? My last couple mice have been Steelseries Sensei - which are about as plainly styled as you can get, but seem to be very solidly put together. (Needed as they get used up to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.)


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