Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tis Saturnalia Once Again...

or ~ Why is there a Tree in the POS?? <- this may be on every Christmas Post from now on…  =]

Just a note to all who read the stuff I post here… The holidays are being very good to me and mine, hope all of you are having happy and safe holidays and have had a chance to reconnect with kith & kin.

It’s nice to reacquaint once self with those people who are always makin noise in the background and tryin to get you interested in things that you and I know are simply not as interesting, or important, as…
> what one is skilling up for now, and what to skill for next,
> what fuels are needed, and by when, for the POS (or POSes),
> keeping “them” (no matter who they be) out of your system(s),
> and all the other fascinating things we all “do” here in New Eden.

But that’s what these dead of winter days of gatherings & gift giving, family & frens and dining & drinking… (til you puke up multicolored fruit cake… which BTW, IS real) are for, right?

As for Flyin the Deadly skies of EVE… Well, we three, the Directors of HBHI, were not able to come together in the Real this year. Our Illustrious CEO is in Florida, Strigon is up north with his family and we have a weird driving schedule this year… We spent a half day in NOVA (Northern Va) with ants and onkles and tomorrow we spend a half day half as far north with other fambly… weird, but good stuff all around mostly…

The big issues for HBHI this year start off with the fact that ATM I am sick-unto-deth-sick. I wanna DIE sick. And the wife is on the mend from the same illness so things are extra special weird from that perspective… but meh, what do you do huh? HTFU as we say, right? =]

> This year saw us move from our old C2 in late January and try several months in Null… a personal Meh for me.
> Around late May I left Null and started bumbling around in the black solo. I was back in W-space and I was happy again…  =]
> In June we bought and moved into a C3, the homehole we now have.  We setup “Serenity Station” and, I believe, all of us have been much happier ever since… I KNOW I am.
> In August we had a very interesting turn… Mabrick of “Mabrick’s Mumblings” (a blogger by a different mother) joined us in W-space… and has taken to it like a duck to water.
> I got all skilled and trained up on PI and have been making some nice addl bank ever since… Thanx Mab!
> With ORE’s rollout of the “Venture” Dedicated Mining Frigate I have finally found my personal joy-in-mining… loverly little ship that.  =]
> There are some new Dessies I am very enamored of, but most of all the “Algos”… a Gallente Droan boat with styling that harkens to the great days of the first airships and really lovely ArtDeco-esque lines… Plus I am quite taken by the Minnie “Talwar”… a missile boat that does very impressive Alpha for a Light Missile boat.

Crucible to Inferno to Retribution, 2012 was a very interesting year for EVE as I am sure most will agree…Let’s hope 2013 brings as much, fun, excitement and change as 2012 did… as the Chinese saying goes,

“May you live in Interesting Times.”

So grab a Grolsh from the Beer Tree out on the ramp, pull up a seat and let's talk spaceships... =]

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky and Merry Christmas everyone! =/|)=

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