Friday, December 21, 2012

Still Here, But Not…

or~  I  GOTS  ME...  A  Jay Oh Bee!!

Yes, I am gainfully employed once again after 14 months as a SAHD… (Stay At Home Dad), and (of course) in my 4th week here, as I am just settling in and get moved up from the basement to an actual CUBICLE of my very own… we have a slightly major issue crop up. Now this is bad as it was… well, BAD… but it was good as in plenny of OT for the past week and as I are a contractor and have Mon & Tue off (good) I dunt get paid ifn I dunt work (bad)…

However, all of the above has whacked my OL AND Bloggin time in the head with a Louisville Slugger… so to paraphrase Emergent Patroller… I have been getting up early, getting home late, crashing hard and dreaming “…about braiding network cables into my hair.”  Uh only not… the hair thing… but what a great line huh?  =]

I will be back as soon as things calm down a bit… we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and the latest reports are it is no longer a train coming this way… so watch this space, I am not perma-podded yet!

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. Ha! Thanks for the appreciation of my line. I really did dream that. It sort of looked pretty neat too ... in the dream at least. I think in reality it would probably ruin my hair :D

  2. Well... seein as I have all but a buzz cut, I'd hafta use Crazy glue... so, gotcha beat! =]

    It's 11:05 PM here... and I am sick as a dawg... no foolin. Sick unto deth sick... the wife, who "WAS" sick unto deth sick and is now slowly on the mend is wrappin and tucking stuffs for my Dottir and Son, as is proper of a Christmas EvE... I feel a heel as I am unable to really be of use... standing up leads directly to falling down and she has forbade me to do that again. =\

    Merry Christmas EP... Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to come... o7

  3. ... and to you too.

    I hope you all get well soon.


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