Saturday, April 6, 2013

DUST gets a Little More REAL…

Just a few things of note in recent DUST Dev Blogs…

All Temperate Planets in EvE will have from 5 to 24 Districts that can be claimed (owned) by a DUST corp/Alliance.
The Genolution Corporation sells ‘Clone Packs’ in select low-security regions beyond faction warfare space. They will supply initial access to planets, initial startup planetary deployment and assist with expansion.

Clones are the Key to ownership. Clones are replenished at a set time each day, except for one hour when the District is vulnerable to attack. The number of clones you have available ‘can’ be a determining factor.

A District Owner can upgrade in one of three ways:
   Cargo Hub: 50% bonus to clone storage
   Production Facility: 50% bonus to clone production
   Research Lab: 50% bonus to clone travel efficiency

Battlegrounds will always be at the upgrade hub of a District.

Orbital Bombardment:  (quote)
EVE Online pilots in your corporation or alliance will be able to provide orbital support from above your districts, raining down fire on your targets in real time. Savvy player organizations may want to field a defense fleet to provide covering fire for troops on the ground and defend the space above from any enemy vessels. Note that friendly fire will be enabled for infantry weapons, vehicles, and orbital strikes, so precise target calling is important.

The above was very easy to condense… the next one, not so much. For those interested I highly recommend reading this next post in full. However to sum up…

If the Defender of a District wins they now capture 50% of the Attackers remaining clones, up from 20%
If the Attacker wins, they capture 50% of the Defenders clone generation capability.

Changed to a locked state on capture. IE the Attacker will not be able to make any changes immediately…

Comment:  No reason why and no time line given for unlocking… and I personally don’t get this one as IRL once you overrun a position it is yours and changes are always immediately put in place… upgraded/repaired defenses etc., etc.

Genolution Clone Starter Packs:
It seems that “Gaming the Game” is alive and well in DUST as one of the things players are doing is using alt corps to grab as many districts as possible with the launch in May.

CCP is going to be watching this “ launch very closely to see how people are using these clone packages in the long term and we will make changes as we see fit.

EVE bonuses for owning districts:
   Bonus to the manufacturing time of Player Owned Starbase (POS) around that planet.
   Bonus to the fuel consumption of POS around that planet.
   Bonus to Planetary Interaction (PI) output on that planet.

…bonuses will apply to all members of your corporation and the other corporations in your alliance. As in yes, these are alliance wide bonuses. :)

These are the ‘as I see it’ salient points as regards DUST-n-EvE… the rest of the post has some nice charts (we all LOVE charts!) and numbers and a FAQ and such… but I just wanted to touch on the points above and push my one-day-late April Fools post off the front page of my blog is all…  =]

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=

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