Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Eighth New Eden Empyrean Lobby

Not a biggie, most if not all of you have already heard this by now but, JIC... Here is YOUR Eighth Council of Stellar Management, CSM8...

Nine of the Fourteen I voted for won seats and the Omni-Sec, Blogger "Whole Game" Candidate, Ripard Teg, received the most votes overall.

Ripard Teg and the Nullsec block lead candidate Mynna will be your 2 Permanent Seat Representatives.

And I am thrilled that the smallest population of EvE players, us weird Anoikis (IE Wormhole) dwellers, somehow put TWO Reps, Chitsa Jason and James Argent on the council! Woot! Woot!

I very am pleased to see Mike Azariah finally land a seat. I have known Mike for most of my time in EvE and feel he really deserves this plus he will be THE Hisec Rep and, as the bulk of EvE's players are in Hisec and CCP has verified that half the playerbase plays some form of 'solo' gameplay, Hisec deserves a good rep.

Ali Aras is a win as a Rep in my book as she is in a great position to represent the New Players of EvE... at least until this time next year...  =]

Magala Solaris of RvB is a great addition to the council. I have an alt in Blue Rep and I know first hand, as many thousands of players do, that RvB is a great organization with a truly interesting take on EvE.

Trebor Deahdoow is back for another year and he is in a great position. As a multiple past CSMer he will be a fantastic and deeply helpful bridge between this group of CSM noobs and CPP. His prior experience, his connections in CCP and ingame will prove invaluable to the rest of the CSM, Trebor is going to find himself in a very key position I believe.

I will admit to filling out my ballot with Korvin (solo & small group) and Malcanis (moderate?) based almost solely on endorsements from players I respect. I don't know much about them personally but as I got 9 out of the 14 I wanted I am well pleased on a personal level with the New CSM8.

Who did I miss on? Nathan Jameson (W-space), Cipreh (W-space), Ayeson (W-space) [we got 2 out of 5 I am thrilled!], Psychotic Monk (Hisec Greifer) [would have been very interesting as a rep] and Riverini (Nullsec/EVE News 24).

Congratulations and Best of Luck to you all! Listen to us and communicate with us and do us proud.

"Ripard Teg for CSM8 Chair!!!"

Fly safe and see you in the sky... =/|)=


  1. Interesting outcome. There's a certain amount of weeping and wailing behind closed doors in my alliance as the largest alliance failed to get anyone on the CSM despite having two decent candidates. Serves us right for trying to game the system!

    What fascinates me is the calibre. Almost everyone voted to some extent tactically but the final outcome is 14 very strong candidates. If you picked on merit rather than allegiance it would be close to this list.

    Maybe CCP got the voting method right.

  2. I must admit i was floored that 2 W-spacers and Mike Azariah (a Hisec Independant) got in... I too feel STV may just be the right voting system for this new type of meta-technocracy. I agree fully that all 14 are strong and meritorious candidates and that this CSM has very real potential.

    I am also very happy to see Ripard got not only elected, but took the highest vote ensuring him a Permanent Seat and giving him some weight for the position of Chairman.

    Kudo's to all, and I hope they party like it's 23,352!!!


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