Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It’s for the Good of the Game…

~or CCP don’t Play with Cowards…

I have said it before and I say now and I will say it again… as long as CCP is making us all whine and forumrage cause they once more changed our ‘favorite this’ or ‘favorite that’… then they are doing their job and keeping EvE INTERESTING for us all… the LAST thing our beloved MMO needs is… stagnation.

Take the recent Mittani post, Local to be Removed for Odyssey Expansion. An interview by Marlona_Sky with Jon “CCP Unifex” Lander and Kristoffer “CCP Soundwave” Touborg about this summer’s Expansion, “Odyssey”.

It seems CCP may have been listening & reading during the “Local Debate” in the blogshere and on the Forums this past January. This was sorta kicked-off by a post by Poetic Stanziel and then embiggened on by a post by Rhavas which dragged me into it as Rhavas referenced my blog (not once but twice AND stole some of my art!).

Rhavas said…

“TurAmarth ElRandir – Marco? Polo!. This is the one that finally made me think a bit on AFK cloakers. The operative word: Hotdrop. For purposes of ratter protection, my response is: Tough bounce. However, in Sov Null space, I can see that a cloaked cyno boat for long periods of time is an unacceptable security risk to the sov space. So … literally minutes from pushing the “Publish” button I rewrote huge pieces of this to deal with AFK cyno ships in sovereign nullsec specifically."

Anyhoo… all of this led to a sorta grass-roots Blog Banter which included many good words on the same topic by Hermit, Mary Titor, my good friend Scientist, my corpmate Mabrick and Tigerears added her Ms Pennysworth's to the discussion… and more bloggers vigorously applied their grey matter to this grey area until finally Seismic Stan finally jumped in and made it an official Blog Banter, BB44 “Is There Anybody Out There?”. All of this was all kinda background for what follows, and if you haven’t read those posts, you may want to... seriously… ‘cause what comes out of it is a stunner.

As I said, CCP seems have been listening & reading as the vocal and gregarious of us have been posting on this topic in particular. You see one thing I had thought but had not voiced was that all of EvE’s ingame ‘Chat’, IE Constellation, Local, Corp etc. was originally coded into EvE back in ’03 as ‘the’ primary ingame communication channels for the players. Dedicated VOIP gaming apps such as TS (TeamSpeak) and Vent (Ventrilio) had only just been released in ’02 and were therefore still kinda ‘new’ to the gaming scene so the old standard ingame “Chat” was still a very important ingame communication available to the beta and initial release crowd.

Today we have TSv3, Vent v3 and now Mumble to name just the three I am familiar with. These and other apps such as Skype have taken the place of the ‘need’ for an ingame chat and while many do still use Corp & Local and such, the main uses they are now put to are a bit different from ‘03. Go to any market hub, especially Jita, and Local is filled with scamspam and smack and, well… crap. The few who are actually ‘talking’ to each other there are drowned out by… advertising. Sheesh.

Now away from the hubs Local is still used by those who want to talk to someone not in corp/Alliance or on TS w/ them… shout out’s for 1v1s, the usual light smack as normally follows fights, the traditional ‘GF’s’ and communication interaction between say, the Ganker and the Gankee are normal Local fare… but… In ALL of Empire Local is far more a free and perfect Intel tool more than anything else.

If, I say “IF” Local was removed then shout out’s for 1v1s, the usual light smack that’s follows fights, and communication interaction between say, the Ganker and the Gankee would STILL be the normal far of Local. You would still chat with them as are on Grid w/ you at Station or on Gate… you would still be able to ask “1v1 anyone?” You would still get to scream at the Ganker who blew up your Hulk while you was Lucy reruns… what would change is perfectly without effort knowing EXACTLY who and how many players are in a system… which leads us to this Quote by Jon Lander, CCP Unifex… 

“Simply put, we will be removing the local chat channel. In the early years of the game, local was necessary so that players would have a way to actually interact with each other. But the game has evolved and the purpose of local is almost exclusively used for no-effort intelligence gathering. There are so many other methods for players to connect and communicate with each other ranging from VOIP programs to forums. Removing local seemed to be the most logical choice.” - CCP Unifex” 

Seems mebbe I should have said something about my wondering… I’d look all Nostradamus n shit if I had. And in response to how this will affect the playerbase he responds with what I am now calling the QotY… Quote of the Year…

“Well it will be a shock to everyone for sure, but EVE players have demonstrated a strong ability to adapt. Granted there will be those players who can't function without local channel and may choose to leave the game. EVE Online is a game for hardcore players, which I touched on at PAX East, and we want to keep it that way.  If some players leave, they are most likely better off playing one of those other MMOs where being a coward is more accepted.” - CCP Unifex

Did CCP just say if some of their playerbase leaves over this change, then that’s for the good of the game??? Wow… is the PvP community gonna eat THAT shit UP!!!

The quotes coming out of this one post are too good to be true…

“The need to removal local has become more and more apparent over the last few years. It is a direct cause for the stagnation we are currently seeing in null security space and the low activity in low security space…” - CCP Soundwave

Point out to me a person who has been harmed by an AFK cloaker and I will point out a person who has no business playing this game.” - CCP Soundwave

“…the directional scanner is slated for a revamp for early next year, but we are confident players will adapt just fine until then…” - CCP Unifex

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


Just in case you din’t see it… that post on The Mittani, was posted on April 1…  I wonder… I just frakkin wonder…  =]  ?


  1. Did you notice the question mark at the end of the article on the mittani?

    It was linked to an april fools day graphic.

  2. Confirmed. It was an April Fool's day joke.

  3. If one looks closely... you will see the same "?" at the end of my PS...


  4. I am actually sad it was a joke. There would be so much dying in nullsec to random small gangs. It wouldbe glorious.

  5. You n me both... CCP says they wanna Shake Things Up, well... that would do it and I really do not believe enough would rage quit to do any harm... but, you never really know with Goons...


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