Friday, November 14, 2014

Feature Fatigue…

~or “Patchspansion Overload…”

I have reached my limit, I can’t keep up, I’m simply overwhelmed… I was writing up a post and in the course of this and that saw that CSM Sugar Kyle had a new post up, “Test Server Adventures” and Von Keigai also had a new post, “New Wspace in Rhea” both were different takes and views on the new space, the 100 new star systems (call em T-Space, S-Space N-Space or even W-space… just don't call em Anoikis) and on the unique system, ‘Thera’. All of these are accessed only via wormholes and are coming to EVE in Rhea in Dec, from the Dev Blog “Thera and the Shattered Wormholes”… then tonight I came home ready and excited to tackle these New Features and devote some time to reading up, then considering and such then I wanted to get into writing up my reactions and thoughts…

Then I see a new post, “Sneaky CCP, Sneaky”, by my friend Helena Khan about the 2 NEW NEWER Dev Blogs… “Coming to EVE Online in the Rhea release on December 9th” by CCP Seagull and “Quick, give me manual control!” by CCP Nullarbor… OH FFS CCP!!!!!

I started reading the Dev Blogs even before I finished Von’s post and had Sugar’s and Helena’s posts up on my second screen… and I was half way through the Dev Blogs when I saw that Hermit (and thanks for the mention man… that was a hard & weird day for me…), Sugar (AGAIN!!), Helena (AGAIN!!!) had even newer posts up... as, it seems, does a majority of the bloggers on my must read list…

Then it hit me… I was overloaded. I stopped reading, closed all blog screens and logged onto EVE.

I wanted no moar to do with ANY reading about any of the NEWEST NEWER NEW STUFF coming in Rhea when I had not yet finished reading and absorbing all I wanted to on the OLDER NEWEST NEW STUFF that just came with Phoebe and the OLDEST NEW STUFF that came out with Crius… It was then that I realized CCP had sneaked in a new mechanic to the Metgame… “Feature Fatigue.” And I had pushed my timers too far… I needed a cool down period… and bad.
I’ll be back after the timers run out…. Sheesh.

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. Thanks for the mention too bud :)

    I'm also hitting information overload, and have in the past not even worried about hitting the test server, instead waiting till things go live. Rather just point out trends and overall points that people should (could?) be concerned about and let them decide for themselves as to how important it might be.

    But yeah and more on topic, nothing beats logging on and blasting away the cobwebs :)

  2. So so true... we have been moar active and moar involved and shit in the last few months than we have been since things quieted down before SYJ left Bastion a year agoish...

    But DAMN man is there a lot going on!! I said it tonight, it's gonna be a helluva long time before ANYONE can say CCP can't put foot to ass and deliver when they put their minds to it.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I keep having to ask myself, "Wait, when is this happening? Is it Phoebe or Rhea?" I feel like things are changing all over again the moment I get caught up on what's happening. And the null groups are barely able to react, change, and test before things are upheved again.

    Before much longer, Eve's going to be like the weather in Miami. "If you don't like it..."

    1. Hey Tal! Yea... going from 2 expansions a YEAR to 1 every month and a half is just nutz! What I described is word for word exactly what I went through... I was dancing as fast as I can to keep up and just popped... and I mentally went full facedesk... I closed everything, and just backed away from he metagame and blogging... it was too much too fast... and the worst part was it was, and is, all SOOOO DAMN GOOD!!!!

      Again, I really feel it is all part of CCPs Ebil Plan... to shake EVE UP and throw us so much good stuff so fast we can't keep up... and in the doing, keep us excited and bring in new players... and, oh hey... It's WORKING as intended!! LOL


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