Saturday, November 1, 2014

“Rags to Spaceriches, and Back Again” A Bittersweet EVE Story…

~or “Loss Really is Real in EVE”

A good friend of mine has left the game… and he gave me his stuff. And I don’t like it.

I logged on a few days ago… did this and that, the whatever it is we all do on login… fire up TS, hit Dscan, check local, whatev… and I was of a mind to see if we had a good lowsec and mebbe go shoppin so I opened my wallet…

Huh... too many zeros… second look, yup, wayyyyy  too many zreos. WTF. <blink><blink>… rub eyes… Yup, still too damn many zeros…. Seriously, WFT? There is NO WAY I have 15 billion ISK… and change. Wait, the ‘and change’ is right… yep, a tad over 83m ISK was what I had expected to see, only how it says 15,083,109,933.67 ISK… OK whatthefuck.

I type in chat “uh....   who the hell is Exxxx Lxxxx??????” then “she gave me....   15 BILLION ISK”. Needless to say chat got interesting after that… some ‘WTF?’ And some ‘wat’ and some ‘dunno’ and, of course, ‘gis me iskus’…

Sov, “well… you don't have to worry about plexing for awhile” and “can't say i'm not a bit jealous of that”… then of course things went… well, it’s my crew and…  =]
Ferri > have they commented on your blog?
Ferri > have you sucked a cock recently?
Sov > or maybe more then one?
Ferri > did you sell your kidneys?
Endy > did you sell your cock?
Ferri > did you sell Boo?  (Boo is my dottir) (LOL)
Chol > was wondering what fuck channel i got into then i remembered Endy is in it......

Then it hit me… “oh wait.... I bet its Lorna Sicling”

Things got real quiet on chat after that… almost everyone there knew Lorna, most of us really well. Lorna was a member of Helix Pulse, the corp we joined that was a renter/Industrial corp in Nullsec. That was my one and only foray into nullsec. Lorna was, well first off one hell of a decent guy and a damn good friend. But he was also a damned serious and incredibly knowledgeable Industrial player. Many of you reading this already know of Lorna, though you may not know him by that name… and many who do, whether as Lorna or as Scientist, respect him. He was the blogger behind “A Scientists Life in EVE” blog.

Lorna’s last post is, “An open letter to CCP”. This is Lorna’s closing post. ASLIE is going, has gone, dark and my friend has sold his toons and all his stuff… and he gave me some of his ISK… and it sucks. It just godsdamned sucks.

This hit all of us hard, but it hit me a bit harder mebbe as I was, for some reason, one of the players Lorna graced with such a gift… and I’ll admit I was having some trouble with it. I sent “AFK” and went and sat in the den… TV was on but I was not watching… I just sat… for 45 minutes just thinking…

Then I got up, and… I gave 1 bil ISK to each of my RL corpmates. 6 billion ISK sent. Now I felt better about the gift. This still left me with plenty, but it was my way of paying it forward… The next day I scanned down the holes and we had a single hop to hi static with only 9 hops to Amarr… So I went and bought 9 PLEX and bought n fitted out a Vargur. Then I did something I have never done in 4 years in EVE and NEVER before in my gaming life… I PLEXed an Alt account I had setup years ago when I needed to create several toons for a blog post… “YC113 An Empyrean Odyssey”… I had created and biomassed all the other characters after I took a bunch of shots of them for the post… but TurAdan I kept. I liked him…

So now I have a real alt… and no I am not worried about posting info about him here, that’s not an issue for me. But that night was the very first time I dual boxed 2 clients and flew 2 toons at the same time. As you can imagine, TurAdan has basically no skills at all having been created and then basically mothballed so he is currently chewing his way through a bunch of books I bought after I created a skill plan in EVEMON… and after I transferred 100m ISK to him… which did leave me with more ISK than I had at the start, but not by a helluvalot…  =]

So there you have it… a very very bittersweet story of how TurAmarth, a lifelong poor Minmatar who barely kept his family fed… went from rags to spaceriches… and back again in just 3 days… and while I will always miss my friend, I hope I have honored his gift by sharing it with those closest to me ingame and doing a few First Ever things with it for myself…

Still… I would quickly give it all back (if I could) to have my friend once more flying the deadly skies of New Eden with us… Fair winds to you Lorna, and clear skies ahead wherever you fare… I thank you for the gift, but I thank you far more for your friendship and camaraderie.

Fly Fearless and I hope to see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. I too would return it if Lorna would return, but I know that we are passed that point and only the sacrifice of all Supers and Titans in EVE *may* get her attention now :(

    1. Yo man... I can only hold hope, and keep faith in CCP. They did create this game, and as we all know, Null did get stagnant through unforseen player emergent behaviors... when things like that happen, the owners of the sandpit simply have to change the rules we play by... and, as I like to say... let the ships fall where they may...

      There are many who are coming back to EVE now because of the Phobe changes... so I hope one day, mebbe the new space, will be exciting enough to bring back Lorna and others...

      I hope she keeps an eye on the Newz and one day find s a reason to say, "Hrm, that sounds like fun.:"... we, Sov, AI, Strigon, Tsra and I will most likely still be here... =]

  2. I think every EvE player needs a break from the game now and then. It's just not natural to be playing a game like this for as long as many players have been. At some point, it almost has to get boring, or be too much like work, or things change so that what we once liked to do we now can't and have to find new fun.

    That's what it was like for me 3 months ago. I re-subbed today, for just a month, but maybe having been away from the game will help me enjoy it more. It certainly has allowed me to seriously ponder, without the distraction of playing, what it is I truly want from the game.

    Hopefully some of the others that have left will come back, too. Many probably won't, for one reason or another, but you never know :)

  3. I have tried replying twice... and Firefox has crashed both times.... so I am a bit frustrated ATM...

    Glad you are back... hope to read of your exploits... if this ^$*&^(**))(&%$@%^&( thing crashes again I AM GOING TO SCREAM

  4. That's an awesome story. I knew Lorna well as a fellow blogger being a long time reader of his blog, as we share similar play styles as industrialists and scientists. I also knew him in game as we traded a bit, purchasing huge quantities of moon goo from him in blocks. It's hard to speculate why anyone leaves the universe, we question things though never quite understanding exactly why. But we all do in time. I can only hope he's enjoying life wherever he's at. And the fact he left you a gift can only mean in my mind he thought that highly of you to gift it to you to whatever end you choose to use the gift. As it would be a huge waste to leave the game with so much ISK sitting on a character, it's much better leaving it or gifting it to those who made their gaming that much more enjoyable in game as well on their blog. You certainly gave life to the comments on his blog, and i know because i read those comments.

    1. Yea, losing Lorna hurts, but EVE is a Virtuality… and we who are graced to play here are passionate about it, so losing one of us, one who touched so many, has real meaning and not just to his corpmates.

      As for why he left, well, he spells it out pretty well in his last post, but I can say I know he also had some RL>EVE stuff going in in his life too, but then again, don’t we all to varying degrees?

      As for Le Gift… Yea, I do know he liked that I commented, his being a Indy blog and me being primarily a PvPer, and we respected each other and our differing playstyles and we understood the Yin & Yang of his game of creating stuff and my game of decreating it...

      It’s that giving away everything is so… final. If he ever was tempted come back, he would have to rebuild everything… from scratch. So the sale of chars and the rare “You can has my stuff…” gifting of billions of ISK is quite a permanent step… and that just sux… oh well, so life goes huh?

      And I too sincerely hope he is finding his happy place, somewhere out there in the black…


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