Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thera Goes The Neighborhood…

~ “Highlights from the 2nd Episode of CCP’s “o7” Show”

OK this sucks… I JUST posted my Phoebeness Post and minutes later found myself reading Kirith Kodachi’s post, “Welcome to Thera” … Damn, damn damn damn… now I have NO CHOICE but to immediately write about this…  =\

I am a wormholer, and all things Anoikis are near and dear to my skeevy heart… and it seems CCP Fozzie dropped a bit of an Anoikis Bomb of a reveal in today’s 2nd Episode of the “o7” Show.

If you want to watch the whole thing, which I HIGHLY recommend you do, hit the link above but then immediately skip forward to 07:15… for some reason CCP has over SEVEN minutes of… nuthin but splash screen… they just don’t seem able to edit out.  =\   Ah hem…

OK on to the why I am posting a 2nd post just 2 hours after my last you ask? “Thera” is why, the First NAMED Anoikis Star System… an Anoikis system with NPC Stations… yup, STATIONS with an S… OMG.

OK you has linky to video, so Ima not go into much detail, I will however synopsize the most pertinent reveals below… To put it simply, (1) When you are podded, no moar skill loss, no moar upgrading clones and (2) New Space and New Systems in Anoikis…

“Thera will be the biggest system we have ever added to EVE”  -CCP Fozzie
The “o7” Show 2nd Episode reveals synopsis:

CCP Terminus on what’s coming in Rhea
Time stamp: 20:15 – 23:00

Clones step 1:
No skill loss/no moar clone grades/implant loss ONLY
This was done for primarily for Vets but has benefits for New Bros too…
No Hints about step 2 etc.

Anoikis Stuff:
CCP Fozzie on what’s coming in Rhea
Time stamp: 32:35 – 40:00
Moar New Space… a COLLECTION of new Wormhole Systems

CCP Fozzie Highlighted an Anoikis system called “Thera” (watch for this to be rolled out NEXT WEEK on Sisi…)

Thera is the first ‘named’ Anoikis system with Multiple Full Service NCP Stations. Thera is a very old Anoikis system, we are just discovering it now. Thera is deeply tied to the Anoikis/Empires lore-storyline… watch for new lore-storyline stuff to be coming out daily...

Thera will be in a new 5th type of space/no POSes/No Local/-1.0 sec/will have Sleeper Sites/most connections including statics will be to K-space/no statics to W-space/no Capitols allowed in/cannot build Capitols inside/unique system weather/new sun/newbula/a really Gigantic System/Stations very very far apart/largest system ever added/Landmark Sites everywhere…

Thera will be ‘Traveling Without Moving for Stations’… a Dark Jita without CONCORD…


And… at the very end of the show I caught this did you?… 
Can we say NO MOAR CORP CANS!!!

Fly Fearless and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. I know it's more than a bit hypocritical, but I can't bear to watch any of those announce vids. I'd much rather read without all the dramatic music and/or sometimes painful performances, so I only know what I've read on blogs thus far.

    I don't know what to make of Thera. It definitely will not be a w-space Jita. As soon as a large enough group finds it and moves in, it'll be this huge system for a w-space alliance that has stations and will be a true Festung Anoikis for whomever claims it.

    The rest of the bits and bobs sound pretty good. But what did you mean by no more corp cans?

    1. Not hypocritical at all my friend. EVE is what we each make of it, and from it... you just don't watch no videos you dunt wanna watch!

      Though, I have to say the o7 show has no musica dramatique... and the painful performances are not performances at all... they are equally painful just talking... "I do not think him is what you think him is..." =P

      On the Large Group Pwning Thera... one thing Fozzie was trying very very hard to get across was that the system was too effin BIG for any one group to take and hold...

      But I wonder if he/CCP has really though it through... they (CCP) just in effect sorta evicted a lot of nullseccers... a helluvalotta nullseccers... I wonder if 200, 300, 500 or even mebbe a few thousand toons from the same Alliance (mebbe Coalition?) were to setup shop in Thera and work together, Caps or no... no matter how many holes spawn or how far apart the stations are... I wonder if they could take, hold and evict everyone else?

      And I wonder how CCP would feel about THAT emergent gameplay... If their dream of an Anoikis Darth Jita became Goon Jeeta... mebbe that is why he said, very clearly, that there is going to be a COLLECTION of New Space... of New WormholeS...

      Mebbe there is a Darth Hek, Darth Dodixie, Darth Rens and a Darth Amarr in the offing.... hmmmmm? =] Fun times ahead my friend, fun times indeed!

      And the No Moar Corp Cans? Take a good hard look at that last picture... what do a lot of Cans anchored out in the space lanes and near stations and gates "advertise" for??? and where might a corps advertisement budget ISK be better spent one wonders... =]

    2. Well if THAT is what they (through you) mean by no more corp cans, that itself might be enough for me to think maybe they're changing a little for the better :)

      And yeah, what you said about displaced (or even not displaced but bored) null entities moving in and controlling Thera is my real fear. They wouldn't have to camp the holes, just the stations. The idea of Thera is cool, but what player in his right mind would risk his ships there? What industrialist in his right mind would risk trying to set up shop there? I think CCP over-estimates the numbers of people who'd be willing to move to such a place and engage in a daily fight for survival. In a way, it's the very essence of EvE, with permanent loss, that makes such places nigh-unworkable for the apparent goal CCP wants to achieve.

      That said, of course I, and I bet every other w-space resident, will go there at least once just to see :)

    3. As for what is to come with the advent of Thera? Well… I refer you to this CCP Seagull quote from the Summer Summit Minutes… ‘Session: Veteran Player Retention’ PDF pg. 120 …

      We, internally, have become scared in a sense of making bolder changes to the game so that we know we can control the outcome. Because we do not want to be perceived as messing up again. We can predict what is going on. That predictability is boring everyone to death now. We need to challenge and move forward with solid plans owned by teams that are building the vision in their hands. We need to turn up the volume.

      And this CCP Seagull quote from EVE Vegas… ref: Nosy Gamer’s post, “When CCP Seagull Talks, People Listen”…

      And part of that is making changes where we have more unpredictable outcomes. Now, we've made a lot of changes to EVE Online in the last year. Some of them big, some of them small. But I would say for most of them the outcomes have been fairly predictable. Maybe not on the small scale but on the big scale. And we believe that if we are going to take sandbox gameplay in EVE Online to the next level, we need to make more changes where we can't predict what's going to happen because if we can predict it, so can you, and probably better.

      Unpredictable Emergent Gamplay is exactly what CCP is shewtzing for man!! And I believe Thera is a test case… and it sounds to me like a damn good one!!

      No Moar Corp Cans…
      OK it looked ok last night but I looked today and I wonder if the pic was broken for all… I had to delete pic, save, re-import pic, save, and update post …if you dint see the pic, at the end of the 2nd o7 show during the ‘cerdits’ tail end vid clip, you see, very briefly, one of the ubiquitous Billboards that are anchored in space near most gates… but on this billboard you see CCP Guard and underneath, is says…THIS SPACE FOR RENT LOL!!

      Imagine if we were allowed to rent the billboards for corp recruitment, CCP and Player Run Events… OMG!! Of course, this idea has been floated for as long as there have been billboards but CCP always stayed away from it because obviously they would have to dedicate a person, or a team to manage this… there is NO WAY they would allow this playerbase unrestricted access to the billboards… can you imagine the penis jokes and even worse many (of the worst elements) in EVE would subject the whole of New Eden too if they only could?

    4. Oh, I get it, letting corps put up billboard adverts. I've always thought that'd be neat. I think they'd have to have more billboards in space, though.

      And, yeah, I get Seagull saying they need to take risks again, and I agree. I'm just skeptical that Thera is the right kind of risk. The station camping aspect alone makes me want to gag :)

    5. Always with the negative waves Moriarty.... always with the negative waves!

      Have a little Faith baby!

    6. Great movie! That's gotta be my favourite scene :)


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