Saturday, April 28, 2012

So… When is the Next Freighter Out? =]

or~ “Living thru a Coup d'état”…

Things have been… weird, little scary but, on the whole, quite boring these last few days. You see… I live in The Vale of the Silent… ‘nough said huh?

The most prevalent media posts I can find on the recent goings on in the VotS are this EVE News 24 article and this section, RaidenDOT Collapses, of another EVE News 24 leak article, and this post by a mate of mine.

OK, as ervybody is postin on the metagame ramifications of the Coup d'état in the Vail of the Silent, Ima post on how all this personally affected a single renter corp member (me) who is: not a Director; is not “in the know” on the political machinations involved and; who does not give a rats RED arse about politics.

To sum up, it was… slightly unsettling. I know I have not posted a lot of positive stuff about my time in null. But my corp wanted to give it a try and we have known the guys in this corp for most of the time we have all been ingame and we all like flying together. Plus, my corp was getting a little stagnant in the C2 and we needed to move on and up. So we had decided to take a break and take advantage of our frens moving to null and go see what all the fuss was about.

So, as to the last few days… sorry to say yer prolly gonna be disappointed. Not all that much happened, at least to me personally, in our system.

I woke on the 25th to warnings to “Be Careful, Things Are A Happening”. Uh… ok… huh? We were sorta on a ‘hmm it could be war’ footing so as I have POS Defense skills I went out to one of our POSes and manned the guns, JIC. While sittin with nuthin ta do I browsed up the “Leak: GSF CEO Update” (linked above) where in Mittens postulates the failscade of Raiden… hmmm.

After a while I started worryin that mebbe we could get locked out of “our” station so I moved all my ships to one of our POS’s then went back to sittin on the trigger on some POS guns. On a funny noob note, we had a corpmate drop a can and we took pot shots at it with the POS guns, then I locked up one of the POS’s Warp Disruption Battery, just to see if I could, one of ours of course… and in tryin to unlock it… I fired on it. LOL So we had a “moment” there where WE were under attack… from within!  Just like Raiden, only, not.  =]

It all ended up bein a waste of time (thank god) as nothing (else) happened in our system. A bit later that day we had a ‘blue’ pop insystem which we usually sorta ignore, I mean it’s a BLUE. But I took a gander and it was a NCDOT guy… huh? WTF? I dint say anything, and dint hear anyone else mention it as well, “Things Are Happening” right? We did get some notices of 2 TCUs getting attacked. I did a little cloaky scouting and checked out the 2 TCUs that had been fired on. No joy, just people randomly having some fun during the ‘troubles”.

Same same the next day, nothin goin on, not ‘safe’ to do ops and no ‘need’ to do anything defensewise so I logged onto my Jita A-Lt. to check training and do make some moar Sack of Jita BMs. I have several fast frigs setup for her, cloaky Hounds, Ninja Salvage Vigils, etc. I hope I might get some salvaging in but I am not going to risk her unskilled ass any moar than is really worth it. Mostly I expect to just warp around takin pix of the expected action on Fri, if there is any.

By Thur 27th all was settling back down and I moved my ships back to the station and just ship spun and blogged. Then I saw Stab’s “Eve: it's kicked off at Jita!” post and logged onto my Jita A-Lt and… […well, it HAD all kicked off a day earlier than ‘leaked’… but all that’s for another post…]

One thing I did notice though, the timing of the Rollin coup d'état in the Vale took place just before the Sack of Jita, which has, to a degree, overshadowed the coup or at least diverted some of the attention, possibly making it a little easier to complete. So that’s about it. Things were normal, things got weird and a bit scary as re station access and our status etc., now things ‘seem’ to be settling back down, just under new management… we’ll see I guess, time will tell. I will add this, I do not like living at the sufferance of others.

I am entirely uncomfortable with the idea that someone I do not know or have any reason to trust can, with the click of a mouse, lock me (ok us) out of the station my (yea, our) ships, mods and Stuffs are in. That someone I do not know or have any reason to trust can, with the click of a mouse, change my status to neut and put me at greater risk in null…

This is not carebear shit or whining for a ‘safe’ game. It is just an observation. But the situation is, to me, an unacceptable risk vs reward situation and I wonder how many hi and lo sec’ers would give null a try if there was a renter contract system that gave them a modicum of reasonable protection from betrayal. Nothing game changing, nuthing that nerfs griefing, just IF a corp or alliance enters into an agreement, a contract, there should be some recourse… a Betrayal Counter Measure if you will.

I realize scams, lying, cheating and betrayal are part and parcel of life in New Eden. Still, CCP and many players would like to find a way to get moar players interested in nullsec. I am not advocating CONCORD or making null itself safer, but maybe if there was an renter contract system (there is no contract system ATM) that did not leave the renters at the total whim of the renting corp/alliance. I dunt have any detailed idea’s on this… it just occurred to me.

All of this is just… ‘meh’ to me. My ‘game’ in EVE is not IN EVE at all… I am a wormholer at heart, by trade and training. I hate blobs, AFK cloakies, cyno alts, hotdrops, Sov and the damned politics… and strangely enough, I have not once, not ONE EFFIN day, felt nearly as in control of my own game as I did EVERY day we were in the hole… Now, this feeling, on the face of it, makes no sense whatsoever. I mean W-space is THE DEADLIEST SPACE IN EVE… right? It must be, says so right there on the label.

And yet… in the hole while your POS can be attacked and everystuff you have stored there… ships, mods, fuels, ores, etc., all your assets are at risk of being destroyed and lost yet… we were beholden TO NO ONE. It was OURS. The W-space system we lived in was OURS. In W-space you are sorta ‘separate’ from Empire due to wormhole spawning mechanics so how we lived, how we played the game was up to us and no one else.

Yes, we can be, and were, raided and attacked and ganked etc., etc. and we raided and attacked others too… but we were NEVER blobbed or hotdropped with a 30 man fleet, AFK Cloakies are just AFK as cynos dunt work in holes… I was happy in the hole. I am not ‘happy’ in null. But I am a corpman and I stick with my corpmates. This is our game and I’d rather fly with them in a space I dunt like than anywhere else in EVE.  =]

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. Sorry to see you leaving - you'll be missed from the Corp and more than welcome back if you ever decide you wanted to.

    Things change, and no doubt will do for us too over time.

    Now - if you're going back into a hole, we'd better sort out a good price for nanoribbons!

  2. I'm gonna write about that in my next post, but yea, HBHI is headin back to Hisec to start lookin for a C3 to buy or claim. We gave nullsec moar than 2 months try out and TBH... as far as gameplay goes, null is not for us. We will however REALLY miss you guys.

    And yea buddy! We would be ONLY too happy to work out something for MRN's and suchlike Sleepy Lewtz and Slavage! =]


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